March 29, 2015

Our very own princesses!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids didn't take too long to get ready his morning. Yesterday, I had gathered everyone's clothes and this morning before I climbed into the shower, I laid everyone's clothes out so they would know what set to wear.  Each Sunday when I am in the shower at least 2 people come and ask "is this mine?"  Today, I was ready for that and things were perfectly laid out...except they weren't-I had switched the boys shirts and pants.  No peaceful shower for me!
  • Today was a crazy day-Robby practically needed a flow chart to explain to the kids who was going where, when and why today.  He was the first car to leave for church so he could be at the Lord's Supper passer outer meeting and the boys went with him.  We were just minutes behind him.
  • Anderson's first official Lord's supper was today so I had him sitting on the end by me.  Campbell and Reagan then ended up beside me and that was not well thought out on my part at all.  I could tell that Reagan was doing the egging on but she would just look at me like she wasn't doing anything and since I didn't think I could whack her across the back of the head during church, I couldn't really do much to stop things.  And again today, if Campbell asked me twice if church was almost over, she asked me 10 times-each time louder than the time before.  
  • Robby kept Whitman's class during church and I taught Reagan's class and soon we were on our way to Grannymom's house for lunch.  The kids all ate really well and then it was time to begin celebrating Whitman's birthday.  He is very familiar with the birthday song since there is always a birthday around here.  He can even sing Happy Birthday a little bit but he isn't too familiar with blowing out the candle.  Either way though, he did enjoy the attention and we better practice the candle blowing out!
  • Campbell and Keaton had a princess birthday party for Hayley this afternoon and their fairy godmother's Dana and Lilli went to work on their hair.  Dana took them over to her house and when I picked them up they were the cutest things ever.  Seriously, they were all sparkly and their hair was just princess like.  We took pictures there and then I even ran them back by Grannymom's house so she could see the little princesses.
  • My girls had a blast at the birthday party-Elsa was even there...the real Elsa.  Elsa sang some songs, they did a dance, they played a game, Elsa read a book-really fun birthday party.  I don't think that I am biased but my girls were the cutest little things there.  
  • And my Campbell took such care of Keaton-making sure she was in line with her, skipping around with her and during the game when Keaton lost, Campbell said "it's okay."  And then when Campbell lost the game, she was to reach in a bag and get a piece of candy-she snuck out 3 and then gave one to her little sister.  
  • After the party, we rushed Campbell to choir and then met Robby and the others who were already at choir.  Keaton went to her class and she said that she went to the playground with Whitman.  Then she told me that he was poopy on the playground.  I asked if his teachers changed him and she said "I took care of him."  I don't know what that means but I assume it means that she told his teachers.  I love that she takes care of her not-so-baby brother!
  • Church tonight and then it was hair cut time for the boys-they truly needed it.  While they were getting their hair cut, Reagan and the little girls helped me straighten the house.  (Reagan did most of the work!)  Then it was ice cream truck time-and we even pulled out all of the new ice cream!  Big time stuff here at the Dennie house!

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