March 31, 2015-Happy Birthday Whitman!

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Celebrating Whitman's 2nd Birthday!

  • We woke up fairly early this morning and Robby and Campbell were off to school after our breakfast of toast and yogurt.  She was a bit peeved at me because I wouldn't let her have a 3rd piece of toast and Graham felt the same way.  I just poured everyone another cup of milk and they did soon forget about wanting more toast.  (I am out of fruit so I couldn't offer that up-our fruit situation is always feast or famine around here and right now we are completely out of fruit.)
  • School started off wonderfully and then it wasn't so wonderful anymore.  My Graham-bless him!  His handwriting is horrible and he holds the pencil all crazy.  Part of all of this probably is that his little mind just goes so fast.  Anyway, he told me he couldn't hold the pencil right so I got the little pencil holder helper for him to use and he didn't really like that.  I stayed calm like a crazy woman and Graham went nutzo.  I just left the room and let him release some steam-after about an hour of this, he finally calmed down and came back to the school room.  I guess that will be my new approach-completely ignore his wrong behavior.  
  • But once my Graham did calm down, things were fine again (except for the constant questions about not using the little pencil holder helper which I ignored.)  Even will all of that mess, we were still finished with school a few minutes before lunch.  
  • After lunch, we picked up and then Anderson found a game for us to play.  I drew out a bracket for us to use in our little game and everyone played happily-seriously, that rarely happens.
  • At some point during the day, I put my hand on the hole in the wall that Grandpa and Robby's repair work has left.  I was trying to decide if it was worth a patch or a new picture to hang over it.  Keaton saw all of this and told me "God will heal that wall."
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly with Whitman napping, my treadmill time, the kids movie time and then quite a bit of time working on the train rice krispy treats.  Before too long, it was time to load up to start celebrating Whitman's 2nd birthday!
  • Due to a pretty good deal, his party was at Playtime Pizza.  Reagan said that it was like his party was for all of his brothers and sisters more than him!  Even though his brothers and sisters all had a blast, Whitman had a great time too!  We started off in the party room and then we all hit the buffet.  After the real food, we stared on the ice cream.  
  • Whitman opened his presents and he racked up-2 trains, a blanket, a grill set, a bear, cars, a Bible book, pull ups, a truck, pajamas and an outfit.  Like always, he had lots of help on his gift unwrapping but he didn't seem to mind-he did notice when we hauled the presents out to the car afterwards.  He wanted to leave with those presents-he will be happy in the morning when he wakes up and sees them all laid out on the fireplace (if I was a good mom, I would take them all out of the boxes but that is what older brothers and sisters are for) but then he will probably be upset when after seeing his new loot, I whisk him off to Bible study.
  • After presents, we had his rice krispy cake.  I think he liked it and that sweet boy tried his best to blow out the candles.  I am sure that he will get some more practice over the next few days.  Then it was game time-and games we played.  
  • The first stop was the go carts-Lilli, Cash, Reagan and Anderson all drove.  Graham, who was too short to drive, rode with Pops and then me.  Keaton rode with Dana and then on the next round Campbell and Robby rode together and raced Jason and me.  Then it was bumper cars for Campbell and bowling for Whitman and Keaton while the rest of us played laser tag.  The girls whooped the boys but it was a workout for sure-that was my first time to play laser tag since high school (it was some type of lock in and Robby was one of our leaders-I think he even liked me then...or maybe it was my friend Christy.)
  • After the big games, the kids had 60 minutes of play time on the machines and they played and played and played until Robby said that it was time to leave.  The place closed at 9 and we were still picking out prizes!  The kids all had a blast and were exhausted!
  • Campbell headed home with Nonna and Pops to spend the night and the rest of us headed to our home for quick showers.  They were all still hot and thirsty so we gave them something to drink and then tucked everyone in.  I am sure that they are worn out!

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