March 18, 2015

You bet I love ice cream!
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  • I was quite surprised this morning when the kids started waking up on their own this morning.  I thought for sure that they would be cray sleepy from our late night last night but I was wrong. Since we had Bible study this morning, I was glad that they were awake.
  • Once everyone had on their clothes, I started passing out chores for everyone to do.  My Reagan is my rock on doing chores but I have noticed lately, that she seems to come around less when it is chore time and often is a bit slower in getting ready so she has less time to do those chores.  This works out well for her but not so well for everyone else-they aren't on to her yet but I am.  I do cut her some slack though because she does put away the laundry as one of her chores every single day and that is a pretty hard job.  Anyway, she emptied one trash can this morning and Graham did 7-a bit lopsided!
  • We had to leave a bit earlier than usual this morning (just 5 minutes) since we were stopping by to pick up Whitman but instead we left just 5 minutes late.  That ended up being fine because I made it to the beginning large group a few seconds after it started.   Whitman had a good time with Grannymom and Grandpa-who wouldn't when you get to eat cookies for breakfast?  He was happy to see everyone when I put him in the car and he didn't even seem to mind that after being back with us for about 5 minutes that we dropped him off at Bible study.
  • I was a bit stressed throughout Bible study wondering if the kids had done the right lessons (they changed the adults lessons for today and I was pretty sure they changed the kids too but wasn't sure).  Thankfully, we all had done the right lesson and no one was mad at me!  Actually, they were all pretty thrilled since we were getting to go to Rock Creek.
  • Rock Creek wasn't exactly the same since half the crew is in Hawaii and some had the stomach bug but we were able to round up Kennedy and Noah to play and today we were the only people there.  It was kind of odd since there have been so many folks there lately and today should have been a good day to come since it was rainy.
  • Back on the road after lunch, we went to see Beebee.   She was in a good mood today but oh, my Whitman combined with Campbell and Keaton are going to drive me crazy.  All Whitman wants to do at Beebee's place is get her candy out and eat which is fine for a bit but after he has eaten about 60 pieces of candy, I do have to cut him off and that is when he gets a perturbed with me!  Campbell and Keaton are just about as bad-they go over to the candy and try to sneak some in their pockets like I can't see what they are doing-after all, all 8 of us are in a room that is the size of my couch.  I can see everything that goes on in there and of course all of us make the room crazy noisy which means that I can't hear my grandma talk at all!...all of this combines to make me just a bit on the insane side when we leave.
  • This afternoon flew by with a bit of science, catching up on our Bible from this morning and a bit of out loud reading helped with the quick afternoon.  I did make Campbell and Keaton take a nap for a bit (Campbell never slept) since they dreadfully needed it.  Then before long it was time to load back up and head to church.  Keaton fussed for about 10 minutes before leaving because she did not want to go to her class-sweet Reagan talked and talked to her until she had calmed down but she still was a bit timid when going into her class (Reagan was much more patient than I would have even been-I was resigned to just taking her to class crying and let Ms. Sonia deal with her.)
  • Back at home, the kids had ice cream since we had missed our ice cream from Sunday night and then it was bedtime for all.  Whitman is in his bed just a singing away and hopefully all of my people upstairs are sleeping soundly!

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