March 13, 2015

Sure, I'll give you a hug!
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  • Sorry the blog is a bit late-the power was out until about 1 last night!
  • Oh the wonderful rain this morning and the darkness caused my people to sleep pretty late.  It was kind of nice for a bit and then I realized that this was Friday and we needed to do school today.  So after I put our chocolate chip scones in the oven, Keaton, Graham and I started to wake everyone else up.  
  • Scones? You say, well I am trying to make one thing from one of my cookbooks each month and today was drop scones.  I added the chocolate chips to increase the likelihood that everyone would like them.  My first pan cooked just a tiny bit more than I would have liked and even though scones are supposed to be a bit crisp on the outside, these were a bit past crisp and more on the crunchy side.  But that didn’t seem to matter becuase they ate everyone last one of my scones and even while the kids were doing school, the boys kept going back to the kitchen and eating the last few that I saved in a ziplock bag.  Receipe verdict: fun to try but probably won’t make those again.
  • After breakfast was finally over, we started on school and today just seemed a bit more crazy than normal.  Everyone was so loud-Whitman did bite the fire out of Graham.  He bit him so hard that if Whitman had been a dog we would have probably had him put down!  Thankfully, it didn’t draw blood but I am sure Graham has a teeth mark shaped bruise.  Even with all of the commotion, we did finish in time to do our together work and science before lunch and that always makes everyone happy since they have more of an afternoon to enjoy.
  • Lunch was sandwiches and leftover spaghetti for Whitman.  He did enjoy throwing all of his spaghetti on the floor which was quiet entertaining to Keaton who was sitting beside him.  After lunch, we all picked up a bit and the boys helped me do laundry which is always comical.  They can’t really fold well nor do they seem to know where anything goes-like not even their own clothes.  They eventually finished with that task-I probably should have them do a bit more of the laundry instead of making that Reagan’s permanant chore.
  • We played a Tetris board type game this afternoon and though we have had the game for a very long time, this was probably the first time that I read the rules and acutally understood how to play the game. It is nice when everyone can play-Campbell on up and even Keaton felt like she could play (Whitman was already napping-though he wasn’t really napping.  I could hear him above my head jumping on on his bed.)
  • This afternoon, the kids didn’t do much of anything but I made a sign, did my treadmill time and made cookies.  And before I knew it, I was rushing around getting everyone ready to go to the Penningtons.
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and headed out west to the Penningtons.  April had her traditional first of the year leftover turkey which was delicious but not quite as delicious as her dessert which the kids gobbled up and would have cleaned the pan if we would have let them-our crew can now devour a 9x13 pan without even having many seconds.
  • The kids played pretty well-the big girls played together, the little girls were led by Cambpell and the boys played together some.  Anderson spent most of his time playing with legos and Whitman spent most of his time playing in Laynies room or throwing things down the stairs-he loved hearing the noise of the toys bouncing down the wooden stairs but he also probably loved seeing all of us running to the steps to see what it was.  
  • We stayed until it started raining again and just as soon as we started kissing the kids good night our silly power went out.  Thankfully the kids have a flashlight that comes on when the power goes out so they still had a nightlight but it still took us a while to calm them down.  Hopefully they are all asleep now and hopefully we can go to sleep ourselves!

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