March 28, 2015

Can you see it? I can see it!
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  • After the kids came to our bed the third time telling us how they were starving, we decided that we should get out of bed.  Now during this time, we had up to 3 people jumping on us at a time. The other kids headed to their kindles this morning but Keaton was the one that stayed in bed with us.  Finally I let Keaton go and wake Whitman up and once he was up, he immediately started trying to pull me and then Reagan out of the bed.  He was ready for someone to take him to the kitchen to get his breakfast-but we had to wait on our cinnamon rolls to bake before eating.
  • Robby took the girls to Grannymom's house for a bit to work on her taxes.  Robby said that they played really well there and even did quite a bit of doll house play.  Back here, my boys (all of them) mostly sat on the couch playing on their kindles.  I did the dishes and laundry and then decided that at least Whitman shouldn't rot out his brain so I read him a few books on his kindle.
  • Then we headed upstairs to play with his trains and the boys eventually followed.  We played for a long while upstairs.  While we were playing, Whitman found a toy man that his leg was coming off.  He would bring the toy and I would put the legs back on over and over again. When I stood up to run downstairs, I teased him and pulled my leg behind me saying "look, my leg is off too."  He quickly jumped up and made me put my foot back on the floor.  
  • Robby and the girls came home with lunch.  After lunch, Robby went on a treasure hunt in the yard-he was looking for water pipes (for a new yard hydrant and the water turner offer).  He dug through our old pictures and through some pretty impressive logic on our parts, he was able to find the needles in a haystack and found those pipes pretty quickly.  Of course all of this activity (him in the yard bundled up with a shovel, me on the porch looking at the picture directing him to move this way and that way) caused lots of excitement to the kids and many migrated outside.  To bad this treasure hunt wasn't for real treasure-I think we might be pretty good treasure hunters.
  • Soon after this Keaton and Campbell were playing upstairs with Whitman.  I heard him cry briefly and then I heard the girls bringing him down the stairs.  He had hurt his leg or something.  I looked at it, pushed on it, tugged at it and he seemed fine but when I put him down he would limp just a bit.  This limp progressed throughout the day and by bedtime the boy (who could jump and run seemingly normal, he could also stand only on his sore leg and put weight on his leg climbing up the stairs) was walking practically dragging his leg.  It is the oddest thing but hopefully all will be better in the morning.  Part of me thinks he is really hurt but part of me thinks that he thinks his leg has come off like the toy he played with earlier in the day.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to see Robby's digging work.  Grandpa and Robby worked on a few things-my favorite was fixing the handles on the doorknobs.  The kids have probably heard some colorful language from me as those doorknob handles have fallen off on my toes over and over the past few weeks.  Though the doorknob in the school room was often taking off by me so no one (Whitman, Keaton and Campbell) could not go in the school room closet!
  • After they left, the kids eventually ended up outside playing soccer.  They can not wait for practice to start on Monday.  They weren't able to finish their game because I took my boys to the grocery store to pick up a few things and to restock our ice cream truck supplies.  We buy ice cream things for their snack/reward on Sunday nights.  That ice cream is just for Sunday or another night if we have to miss our Sunday treats.  I am not that great at spending a bunch of money so Robby gave me an amount and told me that I had to spend that much on their ice cream.  The boys had a blast picking things out-they loaded the buggy up.
  • And I had a blast shopping with them.  When we have all of the kids, you just can't let them really help because that is just too many helpers and that makes things crazy.  But with my boys, I let them push the shopping cart, put things in the buggy, put the items on the cart and even carry our pizza back to the car.  (Yes, hamburgers for lunch and pizza for supper-we are bad, bad people especially when you count the cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  It is Saturday after all! Don't judge-quinoa will be eaten here next week!)  Anyway, I could get used to having my workers with me.  They probably didn't like shopping with me though because I made it in to one big economics lesson!
  • When we came home, we ate and then started showers by all.  After our showers, we watched the new Annie movie.  We all piled into the bonus room-at the end of the movie was a kiss and both of my boys "ewww"-ed and turned their heads but Whitman sat mostly still for over an hour of the movie watching it.  He would put his hands over his face each time that Ms. Flannigan came on the screen but other than that, he was perfectly still.  He did go to bed before the movie was over and Keaton was sound asleep before it finished as well.  So my kids all went to bed late and tired tonight!  Hope we can all wake up on time!

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