March 25, 2015

Dennie Family Restaurant was Open Tonight!
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  • Last night when I asked Keaton and Campbell where they were going to sleep-with Lilli or Reagan in the bonus room or in my bedroom-Campbell looked at Keaton and said "do you want to sleep in the scary bonus room?"  I said that the bonus room wasn't scary and then Campbell said that when she slept up there before she was really scared.  I then asked her "so you are going to sleep in our room?" and she quickly responded that no, she was going to sleep in the bonus room with Lilly and Reagan.  That little Campbell was trying to make sure her little sister didn't sleep upstairs with them.  It didn't matter though because Keaton was asleep way before everyone else was.
  • At one point during the night, Keaton did climb in bed with me.  I don't know how long she had been in bed with me but I put her back in her pallet around 6 and before too long, we were all up for the day.  We made cinnamon rolls for the girls and one little boy. Lilli had a camp to go to today so the kids couldn't play for too long-they had just started a game of Sorry when it was time to load up.
  • We dropped off Lilli at her house and picked up the boys.  They had already had a full morning playing outside and my Graham was already tired, tired.  As soon as he climbed into the car, he started yelling at Reagan.  Soon though everyone was calm-we were listening to Little Town on the Prairie and we got to a really good part.  Everyone asked me to turn it on as soon as we sat down in the car all day long.
  • I drove by the library but it was still closed so we headed on to see Beebee.  She was quite surprised to see us so early on a Wednesday but was happy that we were there.  As soon as I put Whitman down on the floor, he ran to Beebee's candy bucket.  Keaton was quick to run to Beebee and ask if they could have some candy.  I guess it was 10 that we were there and it was the absolute perfect time to visit Beebee-because her tv was turned on and the Price is Right was starting.  My kids watched it intently and only stopped to briefly talk to Beebee or shove more candy into their mouth.  During the summer, I will do be my best to show up during Price is Right every day.  On the way out, Anderson counted all of the rooms that had Price is Right on.
  • Next stop was the library-I had about 30 books to turn back in and about that many more to pick up.  The kids helped me find some more books to read during our lunches and then it was off to the checkout process.  Checking out at the library has always been the hardest thing ever with my crew but we made it successfully today and the buzzer didn't even beep when we left!  (It worked so well possibly because Whitman was strapped down in the stroller.)
  • We had about 30 minutes before we were to meet April and her crew at Sonic so I thought a brief stop at Nonna's house to use her restroom would be a lot easier than having to go to the Sonic potty.  So we all climbed out and ran in quickly-I had already told my crew that we would not be having a Sonic smorgasbord like we had last night.  I guess Reagan realized this and asked Nonna for a drink so our potty stop turned into a drink stop as well.
  • Soon though we were back in the car on our way to Sonic.  The kids were happy to be back there and probably could play there every day.  Campbell and Keaton loved having Hayley there to play with them.  We were able to play quite a while and then it was time to head home.
  • We had lots to do at home-first on the agenda was showers for all to wash that Sonic sand off.  Then a few chores followed by some work on our restaurant.  We worked on the menus and planned who was doing what during our Dennie restaurant evening.  This took quite a bit of discussion and debate-thankfully, we were able to get everything all solved and then the kids had a bit of down time before our big evening started.  
  • They had down time but I didn't.  Since Reagan had decided that Whitman needed a recipe to contribute to our restaurant I made his homemade ice cream to go along with Keaton's chocolate chip cookies that she helped me make last night.  
  • All of our recipes were from the Duck Dynasty book I had checked out from the library.  Campbell was the next one to start working on her food-fruit salad. She poured the cans for fruit in and chopped bananas while I cut up the strawberries and grapes (Nonna cup up the cantaloupe when she arrived.)  Anderson was next in the kitchen and made his macaroni and cheese.  Then that is when things became busy in the kitchen-Graham started working on his waffle batter and Reagan started cooking her hot chocolate (though it has now been determined that she isn't that greatest at stirring anything on the stove-good thing she didn't get burned splashing hot chocolate all around the room)
  • Nonna and Pops arrived followed by Jason.  And then it was finally restaurant time-we were seated and then Reagan passed out the menus and taking our drink orders.  Next up Campbell took orders for the fruit salad followed by the boys taking orders for their items.  Graham did have the most difficult order taking to do-waffles, syrup, whip cream, strawberries and/or chocolate chips along with sausage.  He did great and everyone enjoyed their supper.
  • Whitman's favorite was the fruit salad and the mac and cheese was pretty great.  Reagan didn't like her hot chocolate as much as she thought she would-it possibly wasn't as hot as she would have liked it but it sure was rich.  Once the dishes were cleared, then the dessert happened.  This was Keaton's turn and she went around asking everyone what they would like and Reagan followed her taking notes.
  • The dessert was delicious-cookies and ice cream.  But our day of cooking left us with lots of leftovers-mac and cheese, fruit salad, ice cream and a few cookies.  I guess all of that will be lunch tomorrow-sounds healthy enough.  
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason stayed a little bit and once they headed home the kids changed into the pjs and went to bed.  Hopefully they can catch up in a bit of their sleep tonight.

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