March 26, 2015

Teaching the young!
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  • It was a pretty slow start to the morning here.  I let the kids pretty much pick out their own breakfast but I did pull out some of our leftover fruit from last night and they pretty much devoured it. Whitman sat in his chair for nearly an hour while everyone else ate, while I cleaned the kitchen and then while I worked in the kitchen with Anderson.
  • Today we did just a bit of our planned Spring Break schedule.  I told the kids to pick 2 of the 4 things on their list that they thought I would really want them to accomplish today.  I don't know if Graham was testing me or not but he asked if I would want him to put together his metal car and read to Keaton.  I told him that no, both of those things sounded pretty easy and fun and I wanted him to do something a bit harder.  He grinned at me and went off to work.
  • By the time I had my shower, it was time to load up and leave for today's spring break activity-a movie.  I was just surprised as you were when Robby suggested it-it's not Thanksgiving, why would we be going to be a movie?  We dropped Whitman and Keaton off at Grannymom. Keaton was able to choose what she did and she quickly picked Grannymom's house.  I think that she was thinking that she was going to have to sit through something like another play at the rep like the other night.
  • We saw Cinderella and it was really great.  I am not a huge movie fan (like my eyes even got a bit heavy during the previews) but this was lots of fun.  Everyone enjoyed it-or maybe they just enjoyed the popcorn and coke that Robby continued to bring to them (free refills).  Campbell would occasionally lean over and tell me who were the bad guys.  The kids were surprised that it was still daylight when we left the movie-we did go at lunch time.
  • Next up was back to Granymom's house to pick up the others.  We stayed there for a bit and then headed home.  The kids watched a few movies while Whitman napped.  I looked for Easter clothes, painted a bit and folded a pile of laundry taller than Keaton.
  • Soon we were eating supper and Robby went to the coaches meeting at church.  While the kids ate hot dogs, mac and cheese and fruit I read and read to them.  Then we caught up on some of our game shows-Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.  Since Robby still wasn't home yet, we watched one more short movie before going upstairs.  He arrived right at Bible story time and was able to tuck everyone in for the night.

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