March 3, 2015

Roller Skating Buddies!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • School morning for Campbell again and at least today Campbell was able to eat most of her breakfast at home and not in the car.  As she was putting her shoes on, she did ask for one more piece of toast.  I tried to make it but before the bread was even warm, I had to pop it out of the toaster so I could get it to her before Robby pulled out of the garage.
  • Yesterday, Campbell forgot to give Ms. Stacy a present that she had made for her.  Campbell remembered today and gave her teacher a perler bead creation.  I am sure that Ms. Stacy was very happy with her Star of David but I might need to encourage Campbell to make something else for her teacher.
  • Back at home, my boys did much better today during school.  I did stay pretty close by and was quick to correct them today.  It is just so nice for the house to quiet for a few minutes occasionally during school time.  Even though it is quiet, I know that doesn't mean that they are always working but it at least sounds like we are working when it is quiet.  
  • I haven't mentioned what the kids are doing school wise lately so let's see: Graham is doing simple carrying in math (38+44), Reagan has now learned all of her cursive letters (maybe just lowercase) in her handwriting book, Anderson has been working on multiplication and knows his 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 9s, and 10s, Campbell is over halfway finished with her reading book, Keaton's favorite part of school is doing her homework from Mr. Milan (her Sunday school teacher) each Monday and Whitman matched scrabble tiles to the letters in Keaton's name today as I sat stunned watching him.
  • I put Whitman down for a little nap today while we did our together work and then I had the kids do their few chores while I served my treadmill time.  When I was finished, they were all sitting in the living room playing their kindles waiting on my to get lunch.  We had our lunch and as soon as Keaton put her last bite in her mouth, we climbed in the car.  
  • Nonna had picked Campbell from school but we came to pick her up and drop of Keaton and Whitman.  When we pulled into Nonna's driveway, Whitman started yelling "buckle, buckle"-his polite way of saying "someone get me out of this car."  Keaton and him were so excited to go play with Nonna and Pops during the afternoon.
  • And my others were so excited to get to skating.  We arrived close to 2 and by 2:30, Campbell and Graham were already exhausted.  Can you imagine how tired they were at 4:30 when we left.  Everyone is getting much better at skating-Anderson is probably the best but will still use the skate aid (pvc walker) if one is around, Reagan is doing good too-good enough that she was able to hold Campbell's hand and help her, Graham needs the skate aid but is improving and Campbell, bless her, she would grab that skate aid and fly for about 30 steps and then fall flat on her face over and over again.  By the end, she made 2 laps around the floor without any help and she was the last Dennie with skates on-she just wouldn't stop!  
  • On the way home, we met Robby at the gas station and we both filled up our cars.  Then he offered to take some people home-my tiredest two kids quickly volunteered-Campbell and Graham.  Since it was National Pancake Day, Robby went home and whipped us up some waffles (we prefer them to pancakes!)  
  • Supper was almost ready when my crew made it home from picking up Whitman and Keaton.  Nonna said that Whitman was playing in the water and his shirt became wet.  She took it off to dry it but he would none of that.  He wanted his "Elmo" on (Elmo shirt) and he let Nonna know about it.  Every morning when I pull out his clothes, he says "choo choo" asking for his Thomas shirt.
  • After eating, all of my sweaty skating kids had showers and then we watched a bit of the alligator show from last night-nothing like watching some guys shoot up some alligators before bed!

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