March 11, 2015

All Smiles!

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  • Keaton was already laying in our bed this morning when Graham walked in carrying a trash bag. He walked through the door and tried to quietly shut our bedroom door which resulted in a slam. Then he walked to our bathroom door with that trash bag and again tried to close that door quietly leading to another slam. After he had done this about 6 times, we realized that he was emptying all of the trash cans. This is our normal Wednesday job but I hadn't mentioned it the day before nor had I made a list to do it-I guess that he checked my daily list because he also told Campbell what her job would be.
  • I was still laying in bed when Campbell came up and asked "I need that potty scrubber thing." Who am I to deny her this so out of the bed I crawled to get the potty cleaner tools and back into bed I climbed. I did feel a bit guilty about my 5 and 6 year old doing all of the chores but not that guilty!
  • After a bit, everyone was up getting ready and I did think that I needed to even out the chores so Anderson was asked to empty the dishwasher and Reagan was asked to put up the kids laundry. Most of this was accomplished before breakfast which made it nice coming back to a clean-ish house this afternoon.
  • We left about 10 minutes later today to get to Bible study but we were still there on time and I had a minute to sit before we started. Anderson brought his snack that he was very pleased to take but when I told him that he didn't have to bring the container back that they were in-he did not understand at all.  I tried to explain that it was just a lid of a cake from Nonna's house and neither one of us needed it anymore-he still brought it home.
  • Lunch was at Rock Creek today and no teeth were knocked out and no one sprained anything which made it a good afternoon. My Whitman can pretty much crawl all over the whole thing right now-he does need someone to help him occasionally but once his feet hit that floor, he is gone and rarely comes back to find me-makes me sad!
  • You can see the other moms' relief when our group loads up to leave-when we walk out the place has 13 less kids in it and is always noticeably quieter. We went to see Beebee and the kids were happy to bring her back on of her pillows that she had asked me to recover-I cheated and just bought a pillow cover. She has asked me to do another one but the pillow cover won't fit that one so hopefully she will forget about it. The kids tried to be really good today and that was evident but it is just so hard to sit/stay in such a small place. I wanted to reward them with Sonic but I was too tired to do that before heading home!
  • Once at home, Whitman had his nap while the rest of us finished up school from yesterday, did science and read a bit together. It was nearly 4, when I told everyone that it was movie time. I ran upstairs to get a few minutes on the treadmill before it was time to go church.  On Wednesday, I feel like we are doing a big church hop around the city and it always ends back up at home.
  • The kids were ecstatic to be back at church on Wednesday night since we have missed 3 weeks due to snow and ice.  We were a little less than ecstatic but it is nice to get back into a routine-I guess it is or maybe that is just something you say!  Spending the evening on the couch would have been nice too! Kidding, kind of!
  • After church tonight, the kids all had a snack before going to bed.  Whitman was first offered a cookie and he did not want a cookie at all-laid on the floor, put his hands over his eyes but he did want what the others had and wouldn't even settle for a cookie!  That boy!

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