March 7, 2015

Taking a break from iPad Soccer!

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  • All day long, my kids have acted like they were starving-the first thing that Keaton said to us this morning was that she was hungry and when I finally let Reagan get Whitman out of bed, he ran to me and said "eat time."  I was actually dreading breakfast because we had 5 doughnuts left over from yesterday and they were all different kinds.  I did not think that it would work out but surprisingly, after I cut the all in halves, everyone found what they wanted without any fuss.  Robby did supplement our breakfast with sausage biscuits.  
  • Anderson who had spent the evening with Nonna and Pops, also had doughnuts for breakfast.  But he didn't have to share his and ate more than one-more like 4.  He spent his evening with Nonna and Pops getting their taxes done (2 hours!) and then they went out to eat before going back to Nonna's house.  Then Jason and Anderson played GI Joe and watched tv until bedtime.
  • Robby and I did little this morning but when I finally got around to taking my shower things got a bit crazy.  First, Whitman was beating on my shower door wanting in but since I had just dried him off and put his clothes on after his shower, I was not going to do that again.  That was fine with me and since I usually pretend like the shower is sound proof I kept on with my shower, that is until Campbell came in and said "Keaton has pottied upstairs and needs you and why are Whitman's pants off?"  None of this put much spring into my step since I was already now drying off but then she said "Why is his diaper off too?"  
  • I quickly jumped out to find Whitman's bottoms.  I guess he didn't think that I heard him so he was just going to take his clothes off himself for his next shower.  I clothed him and then ran upstairs in my robe to take care of Keaton's business.  Then I look out the window of their bedroom and see Robby on a ladder cleaning the windows.  He asked if I could come and hold his ladder so down the stairs I went.  The outside of those windows have needed cleaning since we did our addition so that was a good thing. 
  • Then the next thing that happened was Whitman tumbling down the stairs-we have had 3 falls down the stairs within the last week.  (Graham-scared him more than hurt him, Graham-knocked the breath out of him, and Whitman today-he just needed some loving and was fine) It took me what seemed like forever to finally get myself ready but as soon as I was ready, we loaded up for today's errands.
  • First stop was the library for me-I am sure that the lady that has to find all of my books and pull them for me doesn't like me at all.  Then we picked up Anderson and headed to Menchies-a new frozen yogurt place.  The yogurt was free around lunch time so was all filled our cups and this made my crew pretty happy!  Made me happy too since I didn't have to share at all.
  • The next stop was the Starbucks to use a free drink coupon (notice today's theme?-free) and then I had to run into the dollar store.  Then we all went into Target.  By this time the kids had decided that they were starving.  There is no way that they could have been hungry but we did tell them that after our Target trip, we would eat.  Graham acted like we were taking him into the dentist office to have teeth pulled-when we lived at our old house, we went shopping and out to eat much more than we do now and the kids do not know how to act anymore!  The only purchase at Target was socks for me.  Despite getting new socks at Christmas, I am down to wearing the boys socks-I have on Graham's socks today.  (My lack of socks might have something to do with the 3 loads of laundry that currently needs folding in our bedroom.)
  • Then it was to On the Border and on the way, I found a 25 dollar gift card-whoop, whoop. Robby told them we had 8 in our party and while the girls and I were pottying, the lady came and asked if we would split up?  Seriously?  Since we didn't split up, we ended up cramming into one oval shaped booth for a late lunch or early supper.  Robby and I were both on the ends and the kids were sitting all beside each other.  Robby and I both said that we felt like we were on display and I even saw one lady moving her lips as she was counting the kids.  
  • I guess the kids may have been famished because we cleaned up a queso and 3 meals. When we did leave though, there was probably a cup of rice under out table-that is why it is probably best that we have Mexican food outside or at a restaurant.  
  • As soon as we got home, Robby quickly ran in and changed all of the clocks so no one would be the wiser.  Then we let the kids watch some tv until way too late.  Eventually, we all picked up and had a yummy snack before bed.  My Whitman wouldn't eat any of the rice krispy treats and Robby would not have any of that.  So he gently shoved one in Whitman's mouth and then the boy decided that he liked them and cleaned his plate.  
  • After reading our Bible story while eating snack, we put everyone to bed and they must have been tired because they didn't even notice that they were going to bed an hour early!  And as Robby was about to pray tonight, Keaton stood up in her bed, glared at me while making a horrible face and then growled "you better cover me up."  I snatched my sweet Keaton out of the bed and took her to the toy room, by the time we made it there she was already bawling.  I hope she was just tired and that is not the new way that she is going to speak to me.

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