Match 9, 2015

I'm glad we like each other!

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  • Robby and I had talked really big last night and had said that we were going to get up at 6 this morning.  We both set our alarms and we both hit snooze after snooze but that was expected since we stayed up until 1 reading last night (we aren't big readers but I am reading the Mitford series and Robby is reading a book about the Secret Service.)  Robby did have to go upstairs to get Graham who was sneezing and sniffling so loud that he was going to wake the whole house.  And Graham did lay by us quietly until the clock struck 7 and then he was gone.  We will try again tomorrow on our waking up early resolution.
  • Even though we had been slightly awake for a while, we still stayed in bed until..well, too long.  I was opening the front blinds when I saw the neighbor man returning home from dropping his kids off at school and most of my kids were still in bed.  I felt a little bad about that but not that much!
  • Robby and Campbell did head off to school-she opted to leave her orange at home so she could concentrate on eating her cereal on the way to school.  Today was her snack day and she was pretty excited about being the snack helper-it is the little things in life.  
  • School here went surprisingly smooth.  My Graham is just in such a hurry to finish school that he can not slow his little mind down at all and that is greatly reflected in his handwriting.  He just can't slow down for anything.  Of course this stressed me out some but he can read and read well and math isn't a problem so I won't worry too much.  
  • The past few school days, Reagan's school work has been a bit easier because she has been doing a bit of work the evening before.  She did her math early the day before and tonight she has already done tomorrow's writing lesson.  Anytime anyone shows a bit of initiative that makes me happy, happy.
  • Anderson did really well today during school too.  He is so often distracted that I forget to notice on days that he is not distracted and today was one of those days.  Anderson was all finished with his work by 11:30 and that gave us plenty of time to do our together work.  When we do our together work it consist mostly of the kids laying in the floor listening to me read along with a bit of memory work to say together-it usually is one of my favorite times of the day.  
  • Lunch was a bit late this afternoon because our together work did last a bit longer-if they are listening, then I try my best to keep reading.  We had our lunch and I even read some more.  Then we did a few quick chores-vacuuming and laundry.  I do think that Keaton is probably not yet the best vacuumer but she might be just as good as her brothers are.  My goal when we do any type of cleaning is for the house to be just a bit cleaner than it was when we started-I guess my expectations aren't that high and really how high can they be when a 3 year old is doing the vacuuming (really the boys vacuumed and Keaton just touched up, but still.)
  • I did my treadmill time this afternoon while Whitman slept in Keaton's bed and Keaton kept leaving the other kids watching a movie to come up to me and bring me "tickets."  That is her current activity-coloring and then cutting paper to make tickets to give out.  She never tells us what the tickets are for but I have them in every pocket that I own.
  • As soon as we woke Whitman up, he came downstairs, opened the pantry and pulled out cereal.  Then he went to the cabinet and said "bowl" and then to the fridge and said "milk"-that child knows what he wants (and usually gets it.)  Reagan, Anderson and Graham spent their afternoon movies watching my show-Property Brothers.  When I did come downstairs, they had plenty of things to ask me: What does "reno" mean? and What is an en-suite?
  • Robby picked Campbell up from Grannymom's house and she was able to go to Rock Creek again today.  Campbell loved that and even said that she made a few friends while there.  They also came home with supper-pizza.  Which was odd since last night Robby told me to make my spaghetti squash for supper.  It makes me wonder if he is trying to get out of eating that delicious meal.  
  • Next up was a bit of wii time for the kiddos and a bit for the grown ups too.  I can not explain how Campbell can be better at something that someone who is over 7 times her age but yep, she can smoke me sometimes on that silly driving game.  I probably should spend less time on Pinterest and more time on the wii.
  • At bedtime, everyone went to bed well but we heard a commotion upstairs and I went to check it out.  Reagan said "I am the one who has been talking because I have been trying to calm her down."  Campbell was in her bed crying because she wanted to stay up all night long-seriously, wanted to stay up all night long.  

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