March 16, 2015

Yes, we're doing our school work!
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  • I must have been sleeping really well last night after staying up late reading my book because my dream was all about me becoming the first woman deacon at our church.  I believe the correct term was deaconess!  I did hesitate becoming ordained because I didn't know how the men folk would feel about new position in the church.  Seriously, whatever I ate last night before going to bed must have caused my crazy dreams.  
  • This morning was like most-Campbell getting her clothes on and picking out her breakfast so she could eat on the way to school.  Today she had cereal and a banana for the ride and I am pretty sure that she finished most of it-I know that because her dishes came back empty.  
  • The rest of us worked on our breakfasts, read the Bible and then started school.  I was in the bathroom and heard my boys talking.  I had just told them to get started on school but I assumed they hadn't listened.  I was about to lay into them when I turned the corner and saw them both sitting in the floor reading a book together.  They were doing exactly what had been asked of them-kind of rare!  I have found these library books that one person reads one part and the other reads the other part (kind of like a play) and they both enjoy reading it.
  • School went pretty well after that and they all worked until around 11:30 when we finally started our together work.  On Mondays, we don't have that much to do so 30 minutes is enough to get our stuff done.  Then I heated up some leftovers and made some sandwiches for lunch while I read a bit to everyone.
  • After lunch, we picked up some and the girls and I organized the hair accessories which was completely out of control.  I am talking craziness and when we were about finished, Whitman came along and took everyone one of the brushes and combs out of our box and left with them.  He is into everything all of the time!
  • I let him stay up until I had quite a bit of the supper prep done and then it was to bed for him and to the treadmill for me.  Reagan worked on one of her Christmas presents-she designed a room and then added a fan to it.  It was pretty cool and I spent as much time wanting to play as she did playing.  She had to wire the fan to work which was pretty cool-the boys wanted a toy like that but I happily told them it was a girl toy (it truly was but maybe I can find them something similar)
  • Soon Campbell and Robby were home-Campbell's face was still red from her day at Grannymom's house.  She played at Lilli's park with Lilli and Cash and then they came back to Grannymom's and played outside for the rest of the afternoon.  I had actually forgotten that sending the kids outside was an option today or I sure would have!  
  • I have been trying a new supper out each week for the past 3 weeks-sweet potatoes and chicken in the crock pot (success), spaghetti squash (fail) and today was baked taquitos (raving success).  Of course chicken, sour cream, salsa and some spices baked in a tortilla served with rice and beans is not really straying too far away from what we are used to nor is it too on the healthy side but it was still a success for a new meal and I will take that.  (This was actually my plan B-Robby wouldn't buy what was on my grocery list for the original meal tonight-one item was too expensive and the other was too green!)
  • After supper, some people had showers and some had baths.  Then Reagan had her turn to play on the wii just with Robby and soon everyone else joined in.  They (really we, since I grabbed a remote tonight and didn't give it up) played for only about 30 minutes and then it was bedtime.  In the bonus room, I have dominoes, quirkle game pieces (I don't understand how to play that game) and jenga blocks all in a tray and Keaton, Whitman and most everyone else spend their time building when not playing the wii so I good time is always had be one and all.

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