March 4, 2015

Working together!

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  • We had missed Bible study the last 2 weeks due to the weather and though I slightly hoped that the weather would have come in much earlier than expected and cause us to miss, my kiddos did not agree.  They could not wait to go to Bible study and as usual on Wednesday mornings, everyone is very helpful getting ready and doing their chores (seriously, I wasn't being sarcastic.)
  • I did decided to clean the potties this week-the kids can only "clean" them so long before they really need a good cleaning.  The boys emptied most of the trash cans, Keaton and Campbell did a few but they also folded all of the napkins and hand towels in the clean laundry pile while Reagan put away a bit of folded laundry.  
  • We started listening to Little Town on the Prairie on the way to Bible study and though I try not to get there too early and my kids weren't all the first ones in their classes but I am certainly one of the first few in the sanctuary for the opening.  I tried not to feel too bad about being early but it sure was nice to just sit quietly for about 3 minutes before Bible study started.
  • After Bible study it was pouring, so I held Candice's baby while she got her car in the pouring rain.  Then I went to get my car while Jodee stayed with my kids-it really does take a village!  On the way to Rock Creek, the kids told me all about their Bible stories.  During my class, the teacher always tells what the children are learning about and she said that it was Jesus calming the storm (one we have just read about in the morning, at night, had a Sunday school lesson about it and a Wednesday night lesson about it).  I could just see Campbell and Graham's teachers opening their Bibles and starting the story and my kids burst out "oh no, not this one again!"  I don't think that happened-or at least I hope that didn't happen.
  • When we arrived at Rock Creek, it was raining so I dropped the kids off.  Told them to stand inside and wait and I drove off to park thinking that everything would just be perfect...wrong!  I was walking to the door when Reagan came running out to me.  What in the world was she doing?  She started saying that Graham was screaming and crazy and indeed he soon burst out of the building in a panic.  Upon closer inspection blood was dripping down his chin-he had banged into Keaton's head.  
  • I grabbed him and quickly dodged into a bathroom trying not to cause too much of a commotion (know that a commotion had already been made!)  I washed him up and he just kept saying "my ooth, it gonna all ut"  Once I deciphered his message, I told him to open his mouth and quickly pulled a tooth that was very loose last night and then tried to pull another tooth that the bump into Keaton's head had almost knocked out (that tooth though is tightening back up some-crookedly tightening back up!)
  • There were about a zillion little people playing there but we pretty quickly ran them off.  Our injuries didn't end with the almost 2 lost teeth, Reagan fell and hurt her foot.  She limped and crawled on it for the rest of the day (it is still a bit swollen tonight) and Campbell fell and hurt her knee and she caused quite a scene for an injury with no blood.
  • After all of that, I was surprised that I even thought about going to visit my grandma, but we pressed on and fought the rain and headed there.  Beebee was getting her hair fixed so we didn't stay too long-just long enough to eat most of her candy.  On some days my grandma talks really, really quietly-so quiet that I can barely hear her only after asking her to tell me again over and over.  Of course the kids are there too being noisy but I have decided that maybe I am the one losing my hearing.
  • By the time we made it home, Keaton, Whitman and Campbell all were asleep.  The girls woke up when we pulled into the garage but Whitman slept on until supper time.  The rest of us did some books, did our science and then watched a bit of tv.  During their tv time, Anderson pulled out a wooden car to build and Reagan worked on some of her paper dolls.
  • I spent my time-afternoon and most of the evening watching the weather.  This sleet has been crazy-thunder and hitting the windows so hard that it was hard to hear in our living room.  Craziness! (and I love it!)  Sweet Campbell looked out the window this evening and said "I hope Daddy gets home safely" and just as soon as she said that there were his headlights and he was home-apparently he made it home just before the roads did get crazy bad.
  • The kids had supper and we let them play.  Eventually we all ended up playing the wii upstairs.  Robby and I did get concerned about the lights going off so we heated up our supper and ate upstairs too.  I was pretty surprised that no one asked us to sleep upstairs-hopefully we won't have to!
  • After we had the kids good and crazy pumped up, we put them to bed-I know they were exhausted from our busy day so hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight!

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