March 8, 2015

"Show me your belly!"

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  • It didn't matter that the kids were waking up an hour earlier than usual due to time change-they were still up and noisy early this morning.  Most everyone put on their clothes and then had their Sunday morning doughnuts-the boys could eat a whole bag of them if we let them.  And I think my Whitman's appetite is ever increasing too-only he is so, so picky!
  • Church this morning and I will say it tonight and I will probably write it again-I love our church, love standing there singing praises with my kids.  And as always, it is a good thing that not many folks were sitting in front of us because my Anderson loves to sing loud and sing proud and Campbell is just like him-except she can't read the words on the screen so she is just a second behind on every word or phrases since she is having to repeat it.  
  • Lunch was at Nonna and Pops' house-they had ham and cheese croissants.  Before lunch Graham was laying on the couch was looking a little pitiful.  We touched him and he was warm...which reminded me that this morning Graham said that his throat hurt when he gulped his food.  I responded with "well, don't gulp your food" and thought nothing else about it.  And Robby added that he thought whoever who was sitting by him during church was a bit warm but he wasn't sure who it was.  So after lunch, we didn't stick around too long after lunch because we got our boy home and gave him some medicine.
  • This afternoon was pretty much the same as usual and after Graham's bit of medicine, he perked up a bit and his fever didn't really return tonight (though we did give him some more medicine)  We opted to skip big church tonight and just take my healthy choir kids to choir.  I sat in the sanctuary tonight listening to the orchestra prepare for the Kingdom while the kids were in choir.
  • Tonight when I had told Campbell that we were not going to stay at church tonight because Graham was sick.  Campbell answered back "Sometimes at church I am 'striggily' cause I want go home and play."  I assume that her "striggily" was a cross between wiggily and squirmy and I would certainly agree that she is both wiggily and squirmy during church on Sunday nights.  I am sure that she does want to go home and play and that is exactly what she was able to do tonight.
  • When we made it home, everyone had taken showers-mainly because Whitman had climbed on in the shower himself and was pretty wet.  So Robby had Graham and then Keaton join him.  Robby had supper ready for everyone so we all ate and then had our ice cream truck.  Robby practically incited a riot tonight while being silly trying to get our smile-less Keaton to smile so of course his boys started imitating him pulling their shirts up and acting silly and when Whitman joined in on the commotion and started pulling up his shirt shouting "tummy, tummy" I lost all control of the situation.
  • It took a while to calm everyone down but after we did, we all watched a tv show before bedtime.  We had our Bible story time and then it was bedtime for the crew! 

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