March 23, 2015

Any day is a good day to make a mud pie!
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  • I never like it when a kid is standing beside my bed in the middle of the night because it is never good news.  Campbell was the one who woke me up at 3 and said "I am thirsty."  I was so relieved and mumbled for her to get some water from our water bottle on our sink.  She did and then walked back to my bedside waiting on my to walk her back upstairs.  I quickly asked if she wanted to sleep in our floor-I figured pulling out an armload of blankets from under our bed and sleeping without a pillow for the rest of the night would be worth not having to walk up and down the stairs tucking her back in.  Of course sleeping in our room was exactly what she wanted to do and when everyone woke up, she happily told them where she had slept.
  • Kind of a normal Monday morning around here.  We woke up and had our breakfast and then started on school-well, spring break school.  Spring break school consists of reading, reading to someone else, reading some more and a few other little things-Campbell and Keaton had to find some things that matched the shapes outlined on the floor with masking tape.  They had fun and by noon, we had finished school, made our own Jackson Pollock paintings, cleaned the house and everyone even had some kindle time.  
  • After lunch, we all headed outside for the rest of the day.  It has been a while since we have spent all afternoon outside and I have forgotten how filthy the kids can get-mud caked, blood, bug guts-yep, they were just nasty.  We probably should have hosed them off outside.  The kids rode bikes, played basketball, played soccer, caught ladybugs, played waterguns, played nerf guns, dug in the dirt, rode scooters and even did just a tiny bit of work.  
  • Today all of the leaves from the tree house area and from right behind the house were raked and hauled down to the bottom.  We had let the backyard get pretty messy this winter-as in not even picking up the chairs that had fallen over.  Now everything looks really good and we just need about 17 more days like today to finish up (not that many really-just probably 3 or 4 to do the entire yard)
  • All of this playing took a toll on Whitman and Keaton.  They are completely covered in excema.  It didn't seem to bother Keaton but Whitman was scratching at his arm and fussing.  I gave him some zyrtec and rubbed some pretty strong medicine all over both of them so hopefully it will all be gone in the morning.
  • After everyone was spic and span, Robby made taquitos for supper and we were shocked to realize that it was almost 7.  We ate and then let the kids even had some ice cream since they were pretty good help to us today.  And then one quick alligator movie before bedtime-my Keaton and Campbell were almost asleep before made it to the top of the stairs.

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