March 12, 2015

Homeschool Group Day!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Tara is out on the town tonight so I hope I get all this right. Actually, she's at Bunko so she may be home in time to correct any of my mistakes.
  • The mornings have been fairly quiet lately - for those waking up at 7:00, they seem to head straight to toy room without disturbing the others sleeping.  But soon it was time to get ready to leave for school.  We were about out the door when I asked if Keaton was going with us - she was still in bed but Tara quickly woke her up, put some clothes on her and we were soon on the road to school.
  • Meanwhile, everyone else was picking up the house because today was Homeschool Group day.  But the house was pretty well picked up so everyone got a bit of extra time on their Kindles.
  • I had told Campbell I would pick her up early so she didn't miss too much of activities at home and seemed like everyone was running a bit late today so she really didn't miss anything.
  • After everyone was here, the activities began.  No oral reports or science reports today - all hands all activities and games requiring some deep thinking and working together.
  • First up, the teams were given a whole roll of aluminum foil to see who could build the tallest freestanding tower. Everyone did a great job and some of the towers were taller than the team members themselves.
  • Second, teams were given toothpicks and marshmallows.  They built different objects but I'm not sure if this one was competition or not.
  • Everyone took a break for lunch - today compliments of Amber Powell - Hawaiian Roll sandwiches and corn salsa.  The Skinners had brought cupcakes for everyone and let's just say Whitman was blue by the time he finished his cupcake.
  • The third activity was to use a roll of tape and newspapers to see who could build a chair that could at least hold a stuff animal.  There were two winning groups - the adults voted on the chair that appeared to be the most structurally sound and then on a chair that looked the best.
  • The kids played for a bit more and then everyone started leaving and that meant it was time to start picking up. Soon it was movie and rest time - everyone watched a movie except Whitman and Tara. (They both took naps.) After work I ran to the grocery store to get some necessities - we were out of Diet Coke! I made it home in time before Tara had to leave for Bunko.
  • Kids decided they wanted waffles and strawberries (it's becoming a weekly standard). But this week we even had orange juice. I can see why we don't buy it - we finished off a half gallon in minutes.  
  • Big kids went to play the Wii, Campbell and Keaton played cheerleading and Whitman and I cleaned the kitchen. Then he decided he wanted a shower so Keaton and Campbell decided to help him.  Whitman went to bed and the rest of us ended up in the bonus room for more Wii time.
  • Kroger had a great deal on a Giant Cookie so we had dessert, brushed teeth and the kids were in bed by 8;45!  They were proud of themselves for staying up so late!

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