March 24, 2015

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Spring Break Supper at Sonic with the Fam!

  • The big 3 caught me at a very weak moment this morning and asked if they could play their kindles.  I obliged even though they usually are not allowed until after lunch.  But then I said "oh that door is locked" (we have to keep the office door locked or people will "forget" our rule)  I was quickly assured that they could get in easy-I am not sure what they did but I heard them upstairs running and then back downstairs (maybe they were getting a key from somewhere-I would have just stood in a nearby chair and knocked the real key down but to each his own.)  Soon it was all quiet and I probably could have stayed in bed for another hour.  
  • Breakfast had already been planned out this morning-we had no bread for toast, no yogurt, no cereal, no poptarts, no fruit and not even our Sunday doughnuts.  (Yes, Robby is at the grocery store right now.)  We did have pancakes and waffles in the freezer so everything still worked out perfectly.  
  • After lunch the kids started on "school" today-making lego mazes (big 3), sorting coins (little girls) and the other notable project was Campbell making a matching puzzle for Whitman.  She traced about 5 of his little toys and then he matched the toy to the shape.  We only gave him 2 toys and 2 shapes at a time but he sure did relish Campbell, Reagan and my cheers.
  • Before lunch, we had time to play the game Sorry.  It was quite an adventure-Anderson gets a bit pouty and woe is me and Graham gets offended and nears throwing and tantrum during games.  So the game of Sorry is probably not the best game to play with those 2 since the object is to knock your opponents back to start.  Campbell and Keaton played with us for a while but they eventually grew tired of all of the drama and decided to "sneak" off to Robby's office to watch a few movies on their kindles.  We probably need to play more board games around here to practice our good attitudes.  (In case you were wondering, I was the winner.)
  • We survived lunch with our lack of groceries and even finished a few books while everyone was eating.  Then the kids played the wii some this afternoon and watched a bit of movies.  The main thing that happened during the entire afternoon was constant questioning of me of when we were going to go and meet Lilli and Cash.  
  • After 5, we finally loaded up to meet them, Dana, Grannymom and Grandpa and Robby at Sonic.  The kids were thrilled that we let them use the gift cards and get a Wacky Pack-this gift card was part of their Christmas present and it made them so happy to get a meal with a toy (we usually don't!)  
  • Everyone spent more time playing than eating and Whitman followed suit.  He walked a little funny for the first few minutes on the sand but then he never thought another thing about it and managed the playground just perfectly-almost like a 2 year old.  Campbell, Keaton and Lilli were there often to help but he could have stayed there for another hour or two.  I probably should try to take them more often-especially at some odd times when not many folks are playing.  
  • At Sonic, my boys went home with Dana and Lilli came home with us (I got the better end of the deal!)  Reagan, Campbell and Lilli played the wii some, karaoke-ed some and are now watching a movie.  They had cookies, popcorn and soda for a snack-Reagan had been asking for that.  I am sure that she heard it somewhere since we usually do not say "soda."  Keaton made it through some of the movie but she is sound asleep on the couch with me.  I better check and make sure that Campbell is still awake (or at least awake enough to get her to the restroom before she falls asleep!)   

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