March 1, 2016

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We voted!

  • My Keaton slept wonderfully well last night.  When we went to bed last night, she had not moved a bit from when we tucked her in.  Once during the day, she acted a bit puny and I gathered some supplies around her just in case but she was soon bouncing around the house.
  • Again we did get a slow start this morning and that was fine with me.  We had our breakfast and then everyone started on their school work...everyone except Campbell.  All she could think about was when Nonna was coming to pick her up for her shopping day.
  • Campbell got herself ready and then started looking out the window for Nonna.  Once she came and found me and asked if I needed to call Nonna and remind her to pick her up.  I assured her that Nonna would be here shortly (it was only 8 when this happened!)
  • After Nonna and Campbell left, we worked on finishing school.  My boys were wound up-I can not imagine them having to sit still in a class room.  Seriously, my Graham can not sit in a chair for more than 1 minute without getting up or falling out of it.  And Anderson can stare into space for half an hour before he realizes what he is doing.  But you know what I keep saying to myself "8 more weeks, 8 more weeks!"  We might possibly do 10 more weeks but those last 2 weeks will just be tying up loose ends.
  • We had lunch and since we had already finished our chores, the kids headed straight upstairs to the xbox and I let them since I was busy with Whitman.  Today was underwear day for him and he did pretty good.  And by pretty good, I mean he didn't fight me to wear his underwear as he has in the past.  He would come to me when it was wet or poopy and he even did lots of business on the potty today.  So I couldn't be more pleased-we only have 31 more days until my goal of getting that boy completely potty trained.
  • Nonna and Campbell arrived and Campbell was so excited to show off her new dress and necklace.  Not too long afterwards we all loaded up to go and vote.  Poor Whitman thought I had said "boat" so I changed approaches and said we were going to pick a president and he said "present for me?" to which I just answered, "nevermind."
  • Robby ran tonight while I fixed supper.  Then the kids ate until it was movie time.  We watched The Good Dinosaur.  Then it was time for bed for my crew...when Robby tucked Campbell in, she asked if she could please sleep in our room.  I guess that she wanted her turn since Keaton had her turn last night.  Hopefully no one will have to sleep in our room for at least a few nights!

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