April 10, 2016

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  • Church morning here and there was little drama getting ready.  Campbell did have to have a shower because she had used hair chalk to color her hair last night and Keaton did mildly fight me on her shoes but I managed to convince her that she would enjoy showing off her sandals that light up to her friends.  
  • The kids were a bit sad that Nonna and Pops were not in their pew this morning (not sure if they were sad because they missed them or because they missed their candy).  Then they visited Grannymom and Grandpa and ate their candy up.  The old lady who sits behind us again gave the kids full sized candy bars.  I was proud of myself for matching her gift with a gift of my own-banana bread made by the Dennie girls for her and her old lady friend.
  • Church was exciting today-they announced that the committee recommended Hughey as our next pastor. They crowd seemed to be very excited about that as were we.  Campbell put her hands over her ears because the crowd reaction was so loud.  We expect good times ahead for Geyer.
  • Since Pops is out of commission and since Nonna fed us last Sunday in Grannymom's absence, we had to scrounge up a Sunday meal on our own and ended up at Dickey's BBQ.  It was delicious and the kids were thrilled with ice cream-not just ice cream but free ice cream.  
  • Robby then dropped the big boys and I off at home and went to go pick up Reagan from Dana's house.  He said that he drove slowly so maybe Whitman would fall asleep but of course he did not.  However, I was able to fall asleep and had the most perfect afternoon nap ever!
  • Robby did not since he had a meeting to go to at church.  We were not too far behind him and met him just before the service started tonight.  The kids were pleased that we let them play on the playground after church and then we all headed home for Sunday night ice cream truck-which I might just go and partake of right now!

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