April 15, 2016

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  • It was a pretty lovely morning around here-everyone was tired so they stayed in bed later than usual and those that were up were fairly quiet.  I would usually get a bit uptight about not starting school by 8ish but oh, well, life happens that the bed sure was cozy this morning.
  • We did start school pretty close to 8:30 and the kids started school well.  Graham, who has been working all week in Robby's old office, mentioned one time that he was going to move back to his desk on Monday.  I hope that he forgets that idea because he has been doing great this week so I hope that Robby's old office become Graham's new school desk.
  • We finished school (all but Campbell-she may really be the one who needs to be working away from everyone else) and then started on the days chores.  The kids helped out quite a bit on the chores but the best part was having them help me cook-everyone got in on helping make monkey bread.  Reagan was going to help cook my sausage for me but she decided that her kindle was more appealing.  
  • We have been working on school projects for next week and today we kicked our work into high gear.  Campbell worked hard gluing pasta, Keaton's project is on shapes so she had lots of things to write and Anderson had to re-work his lego model of Arkansas.  We were doing school and Keaton walked in and said "Anderson, Whitman is messing up your legos."  We ran in the school room to see legos strewn everywhere but we were able to quickly get things back in order but we were sure were panicked for a bit.
  • The afternoon flew by with me staying busy cooking for the Penningtons and McGuires.  When it was almost time for them to come, the kids all went to the driveway and just sat outside waiting on them to come.  When they did arrive the kids all played outside for a long while.  
  • For supper we had bacon, hashbrowns, breakfast casserole, pancakes and monkey bread for dessert.  The kids gobbled up the pancakes and bacon.  The grownups were able to talk as the kids played and for some reason they all played really well together.  I did keep Whitman pretty close to me because I didn't want him running down the street (has he did earlier today) or pouring out all of the cup in the kitchen (he just settled on pouring out a pitcher of lemonade)
  • Everyone stayed until 10 and when they left, we hurried around and picked everything up and gave the kids showers.  Then it was bedtime for all my soccer players.

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