April 22, 2016

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  • Friday morning and after breakfast we started on school.  Campbell decided that she wanted to work on the patio which was fine with me but she didn't get too much work accomplished out there but everyone ended up working outside for a bit.  There was lots of in and out and in and out and if Robby or I had been nearby we probably would have shouted "where you raised in a barn?" a few times.  By the end of school time, the entire house smelled like outside.
  • We started to do all of our together work at 11 but one too many people talked back to me and I had all that I could take.  So I just cleaned up our pile of stuff to do and told the kids to do their chores and then finish school, I had had enough.  That always does seem to catch their attention.  My big 3 seem to be talking back quite a bit lately (or I am just noticing it more) and it just has to stop and since Robby won't let me by those shock collars that I saw in a magazine I just don't know what I am going to do!
  • We then had our lunch and by the time that we had finished, Grannyom and Grandpa were over and work began on our second slide replacement.  This slide will hopefully last a long while since Grandpa and Robby firmly secured it.  Robby has already gone down it and word from Keaton was that Grandpa also ventured down the slide.
  • So all afternoon was spent outside-there were basketball games, stick picking up, kickball games, raking (well we started to but then Robby changed his mind), swinging, bike riding (Keaton even tried a bit without her training wheels) and lots of tree watering (Whitman was happy to "water" the trees for me-unfortunately he also did lots of watering of my carpet and bathroom floor today as well)
  • Speaking of Whitman and water (real water, this time), while we were all outside, Reagan came running to get me.  Whitman was standing at the kitchen sink using the sprayer and hosing down my entire kitchen.  Paper towels, napkins, pictures all ruined-at least my ceiling seem to be drying fine.  It took 4 bath towels to semi-dry up the mess-nothing surprises me anymore.
  • The kids were tired by the time that we came in the house-whenever they are asking to go in and take showers it is pretty obvious.  Once everyone was cleaned up, Robby and I started on pancakes and cobbler for supper and it was sure a hit.
  • Tony and Brett stopped by for a few minutes and we all watched the end of the Hogs baseball game on tv.  Once they left, we sent our kiddos to bed because we need well rested people for tomorrow.

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