April 17, 2016

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  • Sunday morning and the first thing I heard this morning was Graham asking what shirt was his.  I told him but then suddenly woke up remembering that the boys were the only ones who had been lacking in the shower department from yesterday.  I reminded him of his shower and off he went.  A bit later Anderson had his shower and I am certain that I told both boys during their showers to "use soap."  But oddly enough when I got in the shower this morning and grabbed the soap, it was as dry as it could be.  Not exactly sure how that happened!
  • I taught Sunday school this morning and Robby did worship care.  We met up in the hallway before climbing in our separate cars and heading to Grannymom's house for lunch.  It wasn't anyone's birthday but we still had a favorite of most Dennies, oreo delight.  Afterwards, the kids had some time to play outside before I loaded up with my boys and headed to their second nerf gun birthday party in less than 24 hours (just barely).  
  • This party was Jacob's birthday party and the kids had about a zillion bullets to shoot at each other.  They were divided into teams but I don't think that really mattered-they all had a blast running around hiding behind trees and shooting at their friends.  By the time the party was over, Graham was exhausted and we headed home for showers.  
  • This afternoon I was explaining to the boys how tonight's service would work (question and answer time with our new lead pastor candidate, Hughey)  I explained that Hughey would talk about his vision for the church and what he believes.  Anderson, who had already asked about how long the service would be, commented "I hope that he says 'I believe in Jesus.  Thank you and you are dismissed.'" 
  • Church lasted a bit longer than Anderson had hoped but not too long at all.  We soon were out on the playground playing.  The kids organized a game of kickball before we headed home.  We had just finished passing out sandwiches when Candice text about their car being stalled so Robby went to rescue them.  I commented to my buddies that they sure laugh at my big ole van but when someone needs rescuing on the side of the road, who do they call?  
  • It worked out well for Robby-I tucked the kids into bed while he was gone and it worked out well for me-Robby brought home supper for me.  Right now, he has gone back out to pick up Wes and I am hoping that he brings home dessert!

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