April 1, 2016

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  • At 7:01, we heard the first strands of tape being strung across the doorways to begin our April Fool's celebrations.  Those boys were as quiet as two boys can be and were so proud of their selves.  Everyone knew the tape was there ready to trip us but I do believe that Campbell, Reagan, poor little Whitman and even one of the tape stringers were all tripped by one of the taped doorways.
  • Graham could not wait to start breakfast and serve up the orange juice to the kids.  The "juice" was actually orange jello in the kids cups.  Graham had already told everyone that his April fools trick had to do with jello and juice and since I had done this prank last year, no one was surprised at all with this but everyone was happy with jello being added to our breakfast.
  • We started on chores and Reagan went to work on her prank-putting icing on the kids toothbrushes as their toothpaste.  Unfortunately, everyone caught on to this one but it was still pretty exciting.
  • During all of this time, the kids helped with chores and even did a tiny bit of school today (this was a rare off day).  Campbell did work on her prank-stuffing everyone's shoes with toilet paper.  The one running trick today was that Anderson had taped the sprayer in the on position at the kitchen sink.  So every time that you turned on the sink, you were surprised with a gush of water spraying right at you.  This trick has been done many days at home and we all knew about it but that didn't seem to matter because we all seemed to forget throughout the day and would end up soaked whenever we used the sink.
  • At 10:30, we headed to see Beebee.  She was happy to see us and the kids were happy to eat all of her candy.  I tried to get them to leave a few pieces but she told them to eat it all and that they did.  Afterwards, we headed to drop off everyone but Reagan at Nonna's house.  They spend the afternoon over there while Reagan enjoyed her Christmas present.
  • Reagan asked for gift cards to take her friends to Altitude as her big present for Christmas and today was the day that it was cashed in.  We picked Kennedy and Alyssa Kate and then met Cate at Altitude.  The girls jumped and jumped-it is a bit different taking 4 10 year old girls instead of my own crew.   I didn't watch them.  All I did for them was pass out snacks and water.  Instead I just read my book!  After 2 hours of jumping, I gathered the girls and we headed to Sonic to pick up a drink for everyone.
  • We then ran to pick up everyone at Nonna's house.  They had spend most of the day outside and even earned some money for picking up sticks.  I did learn that if you have drinks in the car for people, they sure do load up quickly. 
  • We were home for about an hour and the kids drank their drinks, had a snack and watched a bit of a movie before we loaded up again.  Grannymom's house was next to drop of Keaton, Whitman and Campbell off because tonight was the long awaited American Ninja Night for 3rd and 4th graders at church (and we did sneak Graham in as well!)
  • The kids had pizza and let me brag for a minute on Anderson.  He saw a kid from soccer not from Geyer and he went and talked to him and invited him to sit with him.  After pizza, the hallways of the church house were filled with obstacle courses for the kids to run through.
  • Then it was time for the speaker, Travis Rosen, from American Ninja Warrior to speak to the kids.  He was interesting and showed some clips of his races.  And afterwards, the kids were able to get their autographs with him and take their pictures.  Robby left a bit early to pick up the littles and when we all made it home, everyone had showers and then to bed!

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