April 12, 2016

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  • Do you ever lay in bed listening to a noise wondering what it is?  Well, we did this morning but since it was after 7, we just assumed that it was a kid noise and not a scary noise. Finally, I figured out that it was someone playing with something in the kitchen floor but it took a bit longer before I realized that they were playing with blocks and not my silverware as it truly sounded like.
  • After the blocks had been adequately played with and picked up, we had our breakfast-yogurt and toast.  Then it was time for us to start on our school.  This would be a short day so the kids went right to work.  It helped that they had accomplished a bit yesterday because they were soon finished and working on their chores and getting ready.
  • We met the Kamps and then went downtown for the Franklin Graham rally.  We had been stressed about parking but we were able to pick up Robby and he dropped us off.  Then he found himself a perfect spot and came back and met us.  We soon found the Heltz' and Powells and were crowded in by church folks.  We could see much of anything on the stage area but it was still much fun.  The kids seemed to take it all in and of course it brought back lots of memories for Robby and me of going to the Billy Graham crusades years ago.
  • After the rally, we were able to eat our picnic on the grounds of the capital.  Then Robby got our car and we all headed back home.  Poor Whitman was still sound asleep (he fell asleep during the rally and then slept through lunch) when we drove through Sonic and finally made it home.
  • The kids played outside for a bit and then we worked on our science and some reading before they went back outside.  When Robby came home, Campbell and Keaton were playing down at the neighbors house and Anderson was riding his bike with the neighbor boy.  My Campbell is pretty obsessed with her new friend but I am super happy that she has a new little buddy. 
  • We had delicious soup for supper and then everyone went back outside for a bit longer.  I played soccer for the kids so I do believe that we made up for their missed soccer practice last night.  After lots of soccer, lots of bike riding, lots of basketball and even lots of popsicles it was time to head in for showers and bed!

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