April 4, 2016

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  • I knew that we would all be a bit tired this morning but really, sleeping until 8 was probably a bit of poor judgement.  We did all wake up in good moods so that is worth something.  We ate our breakfast of cereal and fruit and then quickly started on our Monday's school work.
  • It helped tremendously that the kids had all worked on their math on Friday so they had much less to do today.  But still with "much less" everyone was still working on their school work after lunch.  Everyone but Campbell-she disappeared at one point during the day and I just knew that she was not doing anything productive at all but when she returned she handed me all of her completed school work.  And Graham finished one of his books that he works with me on so that was absolutely wonderful-one less thing for us to do each day!
  • We did our work together and then it was time to start cleaning up the house-Whitman's puzzles were scattered around my bedroom, animal flash cards were strewn throughout the kitchen and pillows and blankets and pillows covered the floor of the living room.  Other than that this place wasn't too bad.  I have realized that when I have someone vacuuming the others really scurry around trying to pick up before the vacuum come into the room that they are working in.
  • While I was on the treadmill this afternoon, the kids played some game with a ball.  I heard them laughing and hollering as I started to run and worried that something or someone would get broken but surprisingly all was intact when I finished.  Reagan came up once asking about when they could get their snack and then a bit later, Campbell came up saying that she had poured everyone's milk.  I tell you, that child could be left alone with her siblings for a few days and take care of everything-if she could only drive, she could dress and feed Keaton and then take her to school each morning.
  • I feed everyone supper and then it was off to soccer.  Robby took the girls and I was right behind him with the boys.  We dropped off Whitman and then I joined Robby's first team-he needed extra hands tonight with a few of his kiddos.  After that practice, I took my girls to pick up Whitman and then home for showers.  The boys were not far behind us and they also stopped by Nonna's house but to check on Pops' computer before coming home.  
  • Once at home, it was shower time and then bedtime.  I am pretty sure that my kids are already sound asleep even after being in their beds for only 10 minutes!

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