April 20, 2016

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  • I am not sure that I would make it to Bible study on time on Wednesday mornings if it was not for the boys traipsing through our room at 7:01 with their trash bags in hand headed to empty the trash cans.  They know that as soon as they dress and do a few chores then they can play their kindle until breakfast and they waste no time at all getting this things accomplished.
  • Hearing those trash bags was actually my first clue that today was Wednesday.  At least I knew it would be Wednesday last night and everything was laid out and ready to go.  We dressed, had our breakfast and then the kids folded the laundry as I cleaned the pottys. 
  • After Bible study it was raining (it always seems to be raining on Wednesdays lately) so we headed back to Rock Creek.  The kids do like it there but most other days it has been beautiful outside but never seems to be pretty on days that the kids can play outside with their friends (like tomorrow!)
  • We traded one homebound visit for another today-we skipped going to see Beebee and went to see Pops instead.  The kids had not seem him since his surgery and were pretty pleased to see him walking around.  Keaton has been praying that Pops could get better so he can go to church and come and watch them play soccer.  And it looks like he is well on his way to healing up and soon being at church and soccer.
  • Once at home, Reagan and I worked on a cake shaped like the earth.  It doesn't look nearly as cute as the one on pinterest but it sure is pretty cute.  Reagan even did quite a bit of the work on it so they helped (she worked and I cleaned up the mess we had made).  
  • Afterwards, we did a bit of science and when we had finished all of this, it was already 4.  The kids were begging for a snack so I went ahead and passed out a snack and then walked right back in the kitchen to start heating up supper. 
  • When Robby came home, we headed out so I could run into the library before church.  Whitman went to church in his big boy underwear (by an accident) and stayed dry the entire time (I did urge the teacher to put a diaper on him just in case!)  
  • Once at home, we all had a snack and then it was bedtime-everyone is thrilled with my new library book selection.  And I am thrilled that they are enjoying their reading time.

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