April 11, 2016

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  • We woke up to the sounds of a thunderstorm and I guess somehow the lull of the rain and the booming of the thunder caused the kids to sleep a big longer than usual and even though I knew that I should have woken them up so we could get started on school, I did not and just stayed in bed listening to the rain.
  • When the kids did start stirring, we quickly had our breakfast and then started on school.  Today went fairly smoothly and I spent most of our school time folding the four completely full loads of laundry that we had washed yesterday and Saturday.  I thought about taking a picture of my laundry pile but then decided that would waste a few precious seconds that I could have folded a shirt or two.  Not only did it seem to take forever to fold everything, the kids thought that it took forever to put everything away.
  • Before school was over, it was pouring again and the kids all sat on the front porch listening to the rain.  I thought about doing our work together time on the front porch but the wind was blowing so that we would have all been soaked by the time we had finished, so we just sat by a window to watch the rain as we worked.
  • School didn't go exactly smooth-I did move Graham to Robby's old office for the rest of the week.  I don't know why the kids do not fight to work in there (though if I was doing school at home, I would choose my closet or the steps as my place to work) but instead the kids all want to be in the school room where it is just plumb crazy.  Later in the day, Graham even helped me move his drawers filled with his school work and didn't seem to mind at all-hopefully, he will realize that he (and everyone else) will do so much better with him a bit further away.
  • We had our lunch and read a few stories.  I always read our library books during lunch but each time a book is over, Whitman begins shouting "Thomas one now!"  I do need to add a few of his stories to our lunch time reading.  I am not too sure what we did after lunch but the next thing I know, it was nearly 3.  I guess we did do a few chores and my middles finished their school work.  Anderson and Keaton worked on their projects for our homeschool day next week and soon I was on the treadmill.
  • Robby came home with supper and we ate and then had a wonderfully lazy evening since soccer practice was cancelled due to all of the rain.  I should hate the kids didn't get in one more practice before Saturday's game but really, I do not mind at all!  Whitman went to bed first and he wasn't too pleased about it but soon everyone was asleep-well, I doubt that they are really asleep.  I could hear the girls giggling and after I got on to them, Robby had to holler up the stairs at the boys for them to be quiet.

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