April 23, 2016

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  • Soccer morning and the boys were up before we were like usual but today we were up pretty soon after they were.  This was our last day that our games would start at 10, so we were practicing getting ready for next weeks early game.  Everyone put on their clothes, we brushed hair and teeth and then everyone ate their breakfast.
  • Whitman wasn't able to finish his breakfast since he had a late start-that boys was exhausted this morning and after his door had been open for 10 minutes, I finally had to go in and wake him up.  He did finish breakfast in the car as Robby ran into the grocery store and then as we waited on them to take our order at Sonic-we had to leave Sonic though because they came on the speaker saying that they weren't taken orders at that time (odd!) That was probably fine though because Campbell was convinced that we had only 2 minutes to get to Raymar before their soccer game.
  • As we were waiting for Campbell and Keaton to run through the tunnel, Whitman was on their field playing a bit of soccer himself...until the music came one. Then the child started dancing-his arms were waving, hips swaying and he would even throw in a kick of the ball in time with the music.  If he wasn't so darn cute, I would be a bit embarrassed.  He even garnered so much attention that the people on the other side of the field clapped and cheered for his little dance routine.
  • The girls game was first and man, was Campbell playing hard today.  That little girl runs her heart out during the games.  Keaton worked really hard too and isn't afraid of those big kids (like her sister, Campbell, who towers over everyone.)  Whenever she kicks the ball, we all scream and yell like she has scored a goal.  I do believe that that their team won today.
  • Next up was Reagan and Graham's game.  I enjoyed only having 2 games to watch at the same time instead of 3.  Reagan is everywhere on the field-she is here, she is there, she kicking the ball, she is blocking a score, she is throwing the ball in.  She didn't score a bunch today but her team won and I promise you that she is instrumental to her team's success.
  • Graham was playing on the other side of the field.  His team did really well but that didn't win.  My Graham hangs back a bit during the games and doesn't get into the mix but he did much better this week.  After Graham's game, we headed over to the pavilion and had our hot dogs and chips while waiting for Anderson' game to start.
  • I really enjoyed watching Anderson's team play today.  Those boys would knock someone down and then fall all over themselves trying to help someone up.  At one point, two little guys from Anderson's team hugged and celebrated after scoring-you would have thought that they had just won the Super Bowl (or whatever the soccer equivalent is)  Anderson played a little guy that was probably kin to Pele so they never had a chance but Anderson would get in the boys way and trip him up a bit thus slowing him down some.
  • On the way home, the kids all talked about their games.  Their take on things is always pretty interesting.  Anderson said that his team won but we broke it to him through our laughter that the score was more like 2-16.  Reagan said that she was going to coach when she was old enough (if she has enough confidence in herself she would be an excellent coach-she is already coaching her team while on the field as is).  And Keaton chimed in that she was going to be a coach and a teacher.
  • Whitman had gone home with Grannymom and the rest of us ran home for exactly 10 minutes.  The kids changed clothes and Robby loaded 5 bikes in the back of the car.  Then we headed off to Burns Park for Brody's birthday party.  It was at the BMX bike park and the kids had a blast.  It was hot but they rode and rode and rode some more around the track.  
  • Reagan rode some (we had taken Layne's bike for Reagan to ride since hers is currently missing a pedal but she rode it very little since the pink and purple streamers did not suit her taste).  The boys rode a bunch and had a blast going up and down the hills.  But Campbell rode the entire time.  Her face was red, her shirt was dusty and she was exhausted when it was over.  We could not believe how much that child rode.  Now when we arrived we learned that you couldn't ride with training wheels so Keaton couldn't ride her bike.  She did ride a bunch in the parking lot and rode a tiny bit with me holding her up over the track.  But then she did borrow a 3 wheeler and rode it on the track-I had to push her up the hills (one I had trouble getting up myself on my 2 feet).  She had a blast as well even though she wasn't able to ride to much.
  • After the party was over, we picked up Whitman and Robby ended his day the same way he begin-running into the grocery store. This time Sams but he picked up enough stuff for supper and then we came home for showers for everyone.  It has been a while since I have felt so filthy and I was anxious to get my shower as well.
  • Once we were all clean, we had fajitas for supper and Anderson said "this meal is to die for" so I guess it was pretty good.  By the time supper was over, it was after 8 so my exhausted kids headed on to bed!

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