April 29, 2016

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  • The sound of the rain was wonderful this morning and it was so dark outside that we could have stayed in bed for hours-except Robby was already out of bed getting ready.  Seconds later Graham was in my room asking for help with his school work.  
  • Soon everyone was working on their school work before breakfast.  I plan school for a month at a time and every 2 weeks I give us a day off.  Those days off are usually spent busy with our homeschool friends or doing something else and not just spent at home.  But since we were going to be just at home today, everyone had 3 boxes of work to accomplish.  
  • So everything was finished by breakfast which was leftover doughnuts.  Then the kids had quite a bit of down time until we worked together and did our chores.  The most exciting thing that happened today was that Whitman did poo in the potty.  His Daddy had told him that he would get a prize and maybe he remembered that because each time that he pottied after that he would sit on the potty and really try to poo again.  I think he was trying to earn more prizes.
  • Before we had lunch, the kids all migrated onto the front porch and soon were all out front in the dirt.  It was nearing 12:30 and since the lunch I had cooked was getting cold (leftover potatoes, mac and cheese along with some fruit) was getting cold I had to call everyone in.  They were already a bit filthy but asked to go back out after lunch and much to their delight I agreed.
  • After the kitchen was picked up, everyone but Reagan (who does not like touching anything messy at all) headed back outside.  It was barely sprinkling but the ground was still wet, wet.  Keaton and Whitman didn't last too long but Campbell, Anderson and Graham were out for at least an hour.  They splashed in the water, went down the slide, threw water on each other and themselves and even laid down in puddles.  They were a mess and probably needed to be hosed off before I even let them in the house.  I did manage to contain their mess and only let them come inside in shift so I could get them to the shower for a good scrubbing.
  • Around 5, we left to pick up Robby, who dropped his car off to be worked on.  Then we ate at La Madelines which was very good.  The Davids were there and we convinced their kids to sit with us and even convinced Sara to go home with us.  After supper, we went to Walmart to buy Whitman his present (he wanted a Bob the Builder prize) but was happy to get a car that floats.  Robby even said that if he continued with the pottying then he would get another car that floats! 
  • We also picked up some ice cream and had ourselves a bit ole ice cream bar before turning on a movie for the big kids.  Whitman, who was such a big boy today, even went to bed upstairs in the boys room.  We will see how well that works out.  At least he will be asleep when the big boys go to bed.  Though trying out a new bed probably wasn't the greatest idea for a dark and rainy Saturday morning!

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