April 2, 2016-Happy Birthday Whitman!

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  • I do believe that my kids finally realized that we are supposed to sleep in a bit on Saturdays.  Of course, the boys were up early but they didn't bother us since they headed straight to their kindles.  It was after 8 when we finally had to wake up Keaton and Reagan.  And everyone was happy to see Whitman this morning and wish him Happy Birthday!
  • We soon found ourselves at Krispy Kreme singing away to our now 3 year old.  Whitman was so happy to eat his birthday doughnut and ate on the same doughnut the whole time that we were there-I guess that he was savoring it.  
  • Then we headed downtown for SpringFest.  We finally found a spot to park and soon watched people repel off of a building downtown.  Then we walked around for a bit looking at the different vendors.  There was a lot of people downtown and lots to see but not a whole lot to SpringFest.  But that was fine because we had fun.  The kids really did like seeing the dogs leaping into the water while fetching.  Robby found the big 4 a spot up front and then stood in the back with Keaton on his shoulders so she could see.  I did lift Whitman up on my shoulders for a little bit so he could see the last dog jump.
  • We walked through the wetlands near the Clinton library and then back to the car.  Then it was back home for a little bit.  We were home long enough to repack everything and then take a quick nap before heading to Hayley's birthday party.
  • Reagan asked to go with the little girls so off we went.  It was a rainbow unicorn party and everything was very cute.  The girls enjoyed playing on the playground and then they all did a coloring page, made a necklace and then Reagan and Camryn were put in charge of painting the girls nails in rainbow colors.
  • After the party, the girls and I headed straight home to change cars so we all could head down the road to the Atwood's house.  The Wilsons and Phillips were there as well so the kids all had a wonderful time.  We all ate and then the kids fished, went out in the paddle boat and played ball.  My crew was tired and dirty by the time we made it home-two signs of a great day!

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