April 28, 2016

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  • Campbell came downstairs this morning asking for me to open the school room door so she could get her phonics and math out.  This caused me to have lots of questions-mainly "why?"  It turns out, Reagan was upstairs in her bed working on her school work so Campbell wanted to take her school work upstairs as well.
  • Reagan was already working because she knew that today was her turn to go with Robby and Whitman to take Keaton to school.  Today was finally picture at Keaton's school and I tell you, I picked out the cutest little outfit ever for her to wear.  But you can probably imagine that she was none to happy with my choice but I didn't care at all-today was my pick and she was going to wear it!
  • Whitman couldn't have been happier to go with Robby his morning and he was very happy to get to ride in the red van-for some reason this is just a treat for everyone.  He had his poptart in his hand and was happily munching his way.  Reagan convinced Robby to take her Krispy Kreme for superhero day (buy 1 get 1 free).  Whitman munched on his doughnut for a few bites and then asked for his poptart.
  • Now back at the house without Reagan, my consistent hard worker, it was almost silent.  It was oddly silent-like I almost called Robby for him to listen to the silence.  It just made me think about how quiet things are going to be next year with Keaton and Whitman gone....and that just makes me a little bit sad or a little bit happy (I am not too sure which one.)
  • School went very well today  The kids finished in time for us to work together, do our memory work and even work on science for a few minutes before lunch.  While I made lunch, Reagan and Graham worked on chores while Anderson finished his last bit of school.  
  • With chores finished before lunch, we didn't have too much to do this afternoon.  After a bit of kindle and movie time, Robby kicked the kids outside.  They played outside until Keaton came home with dessert-warm brownies-for us to enjoy.  We all devoured the entire pan and after Nonna and Pops left, Robby called me over to mow a bit while he went in to send an email.  
  • I wondered where Whitman was but figured that one of his 5 brothers or sisters would keep watch.  I would look for him when I was turned facing the driveway but then would turn back around mowing in the other direction.  Then the next pass, I looked up and Robby was running down the drive way.  I kept mowing while wondering what was happening-his run was a slow run, almost a jog and not a sprint.  So I wasn't too panicked-I could see most of my kids but I was certainly curious.  I called Reagan over and she said that he was just going to to Whitman.  When Robby did take over the lawnmower for me he said that Whitman was almost to Lawson.  (Grandmas-he wasn't really all the way to Lawson.  He does only go down there when his brothers and sisters are down the road and Anderson was down there ready to tackle him if necessary.)
  • By 5, we were all inside eating supper.  We were hot from being outside so steaming hot baked potatoes just made us hotter but it was well worth it.  The kids love baked potatoes-or maybe they just love the cheese and butter that we let them smoother on top.  After we ate, we cleaned the kitchen lightening fast and then headed to Maumelle.
  • Brett was playing a baseball game and we ventured across the bridge to watch.  We left a bit later than planned and when the traffic stopped before we even made it to 630 we were concerned that we would miss the whole thing.  We did see one wreck happen and then the remains of 2 more wrecks but soon we were again moving and made it to the game in plenty of time.
  • The kids enjoyed watching Brett's team win the game but they also enjoyed playing on the playground and getting a drink on the way home.  We stopped by the Wilson's house on the way home to check on the barn raising.  Then it was home for bedtime.
  • When we pulled into the driveway, I saw someone running.  They weren't running from our house but they were running in our yard and not on driveway.  I pointed this out to Robby and we went for a drive down our road just to check things out.  The kids had no idea why we were speeding down the driveway.  Just when we thought the runner had vanished, we saw our neighbor (who is in his 60s) with his kid.  Robby rolled down the window to make sure everything was alright.  Neighbor man said that the boy was having a meltdown...so I guess that Whitman wasn't the only runner in the neighborhood.  But gracious, old neighbor man sure can run!  After this excitement, we headed home for showers, teeth and bed!

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