April 30, 2016

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  • We weren't too sure how Whitman would do sleeping upstairs in the boys' room last night but we were pleasantly surprised when he walked in our room a few minutes after 7 this morning. Behind him were Anderson and Graham carrying Whitman's stuffed animals, pillows and blankets.  That little boy has his big brothers wrapped around his little finger.  
  • We had found out last night that soccer was cancelled this morning due to the massive amounts of rain so we took it fairly slowly this morning.  The kids, of course, were up and not so patiently waiting for breakfast.  Robby made cinnamon rolls so that is always a crowd pleaser.
  • Once we heard that Robby's car had been fixed, we headed out to pick it up and go grocery shopping.  My children absolutely abhor going to the grocery store-or any kind of shopping.  And if I had to choose anywhere for Robby and I to go together, Kroger would be in the top 3.  Maybe they don't like it because they believe that I will not let them get anything that is not on the list-that is not true because today we also came home with a caramel apple kit, Mexican cupcakes, and "the good lunch meat."  
  • After the store, we both drove to the gas station which was a much needed stop for my car.  I only had 12 more miles before I ran out of gas-we were just living on the edge today.  Once at home, we all emptied the cars and Robby grilled hot dogs for a late lunch.
  • The kids, then, started watching their Redbox movies.  They had 2 movies so it took them until after 5 to finish them.  We had a snacky supper while watching a kid baking show and then we watched a bit of a documentary before bedtime.  The kids had some time to read before lights out but there was lots of moving around in the girls' room which is right above my head!

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