April 25, 2016

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  • I was up a bit earlier than usual this morning and felt that I was kind of ahead when the morning started but that feeling only lasted for a bit.  Cereal and fruit were the items for this morning's breakfast.  Whitman is slowly starting to sit on a bar stool for some of his meals and this morning he was successful at that and didn't get placed back in his high chair.
  • School started and even though we are nearly finished (this had actually been my last scheduled week of school-though we are going to do at least 2 more weeks before slowing down for our summer break) the day was still fairly rocky.  The boys were still finishing school at 2 and Campbell finished her last bit before supper.  She is in kindergarten and I promise you that she has no more than an hours worth of work but everything else is so fascinating to her that school work is the last thing on her brain. 
  • Keaton and Whitman played for a bit this morning which kept him occupied but as soon as it was work together time Whitman found his kindle and Keaton was happy to work with us because we all had a piece of candy...or two.
  • Lunch and then chores.  We were a bit later than usual finishing lunch so Reagan was ready to get started on her kindle and movie time so she was on fire during chores.  I would look at my list to hand off another chore and she would tell me that she already had finished it.  I am not too certain what I would do without my Reagan.
  • This afternoon went by way too fast-I spent some time on the treadmill and then came downstairs to pass out the kids snack.  Just like last Wednesday, as soon as I passed out their snack, I returned to the kitchen to start preparing supper.  Today's supper was leftovers so that was pretty easy and everyone put on their soccer jersey as I heated things up.
  • This was soccer picture day at practice so everyone dressed in their uniforms.  Whitman was determined to wear himself a uniform.  I had to find long socks for him to wear after he became mad that his other ones would not pull all the way up to his knees.  I did find him dark shorts and we looked for a shirt with a soccer ball but didn't find one.  He did happily settle for a shirt with a football on it.
  • Robby took the girls to practice and a bit later I headed that way with the boys.  The plan was for me to take the girls home when the boys practice started but Reagan's pictures went long so we were there longer than usual.  That was fine since we had a bit of time to play a soccer game-the girls and I.  And yes, Reagan smoked me.
  • Once at home, my girls and Whitman took their showers and just as soon as they were out of the showers, the boys were home.  We sent everyone to bed since they were tire and all anxious to read.

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