April 21, 2016

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  • Days when our homeschool friends come over are full of excitement so everyone wakes early. We first heard the boys whispering at our door and then Graham came in and asked me if they could play on their kindles.  I said "yes" and Graham had to re-ask me the same question just to make sure he heard me correctly.  
  • We got Ms. Keaton dressed and ready to go to school.  She was excited about school and excited about playing with her friends.  Keaton also can not wait to take her project to school to show Ms. Jennifer.  After Robby and her left, the rest of us started to work on the house.  The kids worked hard straightening their rooms-probably helped that I had said that we would eat breakfast once the house was cleaned.
  • So am I getting shorter or is my 2nd grader gaining too much NFL knowledge? Today as I was rehanging G's indoor basketball goal for the zillionth time, he asked how tall I was. I told him and he quickly commented "you are as tall as the shortest player to play in the NFL" and went on to tell his name and top stats. And I just stared at him.
  • Our buddies started arriving and since the day was so perfect outside, we ended up playing outdoors for a good while and then heading inside to present the kids' projects.  Everyone made a model of something and everyone was very pleased with their work.
  • Reagan made a cake in the shape of the earth complete with the different layers of the earth baked into the cake.  When we sliced her cake today so we could have a piece to show the layers of the earth, Reagan said "I won."  I reminded her that this was not a contest but she again said "yes, but I still won!"  Hmm, she sounds like someone familiar...I just do not know who! (me!)
  • Anderson made a lego mode of Arkansas.  He had the mountain ranges (Ozark and Ouachita), tallest peak (Mt. Magazine), rivers and major cities.  Anderson loves him some legos so he really enjoyed this project and liked showing off his creation.
  • Graham made a cookie map of the US.  He had the Great Lakes, D.C., Little Rock, the Great Plains, the tallest peak, mountain ranges and even deserts shown on his map.  His and Reagan's were really, really neat and I did hate to slice them up and serve them this afternoon but at least I do not have to wonder what to do with them now (like I am for everyone else's projects.)
  • Campbell made a pasta and tissue paper map of the earth with all of the continents and oceans labeled.  She was so adorable because after she showed off her project, she sang a song about the continents and then one about the oceans.  
  • Nonna had picked up Keaton so she arrived just as Campbell, who was the last one was finishing, so Keaton was next.  She jumped right up there and showed everyone her marshmallow and toothpick shapes.  She had many shapes she knew but even a few that she is still learning (octagon and pentagon-which she just calls "the house shape.")
  • Whitman didn't have a project and has never had one to present.  But this time, I probably would have helped him make something but the one thing that he could have done very well was already taken by Keaton-he is the shape master!  Next year, he will have to start presenting projects himself-that will be a hoot!
  • After the kids finished, we all ate and then the kids played outside for the rest of the time.  Everyone left a bit earlier than usual so we had cleaned up the yard and the house by 2.
  • After the kids ate their Popsicles, Whitman managed to take all of his clothes off and climb in the short shower. His helpful brothers and sisters helped him turn on the water as I headed back to the kitchen. After hearing Campbell scream for 5 minutes, I rushed to check on her. Whitman had taken the sprayer and soaking his sister along with the entire laundry room! Campbell was in tears as I shouted to turn the water off. Whitman has a good shower; Campbell not so much.
  • Once the wet ones were dry, Whitman, Keaton and I laid in the floor of my room and spend the afternoon there-watching movies, wrestling and trying to take a nap (me!)
  • When Robby came home, we headed out to grab a bite to eat.  We couldn't decide where to go-Madeline's (too full), Zoes (too empty), Chick Fil A (too noisy), Davids (not exactly the one), Jason's Deli (too boring) and then we finally settled on Backyard Burger.  We did drive past and even into all of the parking lots of the above places but just couldn't decide what we wanted-probably should have just made pancakes at home but it was good to get out.
  • Backyard Burger was pretty good.  They did only have about 10 chairs in the restaurant since it is mainly a drive thru.  So our family squeezed into a table with a man and a dog on one side of us and I was practically sitting in another man's lap.  The food hit the spot and then the doughnuts that we had on the way home hit the spot as well.
  • We drove around a bit on the way home-which always freaks the kids out.  They immediately think that we are lost or are looking for a new house to move into (neither).  Then it was home for showers and bedtime!  I know that I have talked about this for a few days but it is sure something that the kids now rush to bed since they get the chance to read.  And when someone wants to go to bed, far be it from us to make them stay up which means earlier bedtimes!

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