April 19, 2016

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  • Tuesday morning and my first mission of the morning was to get Robby and Keaton out the door for work and school.  Keaton was ready to go and so loves school.  I know that she will miss Ms. Jennifer this summer.  
  • After they left, we headed to the bar for breakfast. Today and yesterday Reagan has asked for me to make chocolate chip muffins but I have tried my best to hold fast to the breakfast menu since I have become pretty lax with the snack menu that I try to follow.  She seemed fine about not being able to eat muffins especially when I let her make the cinnamon toast for everyone.
  • School went fairly well today.  The kids worked well and Whitman sat quietly and played with some of his little toys (seriously).  When Keaton isn't home, school is just a bit quieter and a bit less messy.  Graham was the first one finished and helped make a scavenger hunt with Campbell.
  • We had our lunch and then quickly worked on our chores so we could start working on our projects for Thursday.  I am the one who suggested that everyone bring a model of something-why in the world did I do that to myself?  Graham and I completed his cookie map of the US (my favorite project).  Then Reagan and I began work on her layers of the earth cake.  We still have to put it together tomorrow and ice it (eeek!) but we are both pretty convinced that this cake will not look anything like the one that we saw on pinterest.  I even asked her if she could think of a back up plan!  Then Campbell and I worked on labeling her noodle map of the earth.  When Whitman saw Campbell's earth, he shouted, "a planet."
  • Right before Robby and Keaton made it home, I ended up outside playing kickball with the kids.  It was chilly out there today and I had only said that I would play until Robby came in.  Just as the first pitch was rolled in, Robby and Keaton drove up.  Keaton played with us for a bit and I stayed longer than I had said that I would since the kids were in a fairly good moods during the game.
  • Then it was supper time.  I do believe that Robby, Reagan and I were the only ones who ate our meal-Whitman did eat a few bites when Robby told him that he had to eat or he would not get a cupcake.  After the kitchen was clean (rice and cupcakes crumbs-gracious me!) the kids had showers and then we watched a movie.
  • Whitman fell asleep during the movie and Keaton was not too far behind him.  The movie lasted until 9 so when it was bedtime, my crew was pretty exhausted!  

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