April 9, 2016

Soccer Season Begins!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Soccer day this morning and my boys were up early, early and could hardly wait to put on their jerseys.  Keaton was just about as excited since this was her first time wearing a uniform.  This morning went by quick but if Graham asked us once when we were going to leave and when everyone's games were, he asked us a zillion times.  Robby said that the poor guy was going to have a tough life...unless he gets himself a watch and a calendar.
  • We had our breakfast of champions (leftover day old doughnuts) and then headed out to the soccer fields.  This week we had no 8:30 games but a game in 10 and then 3 games at 11:30. Robby was the most worried about his little kindergarten team with only 4 players there this week: our girls, one shorter than Keaton (who ended up being great) and one who laid in the grass (seriously) most of the time.  But they still won the game!  Campbell scored twice and my Keaton played hard too and even kicked the ball a few times.
  • I bounced around watching the other 3 games and was able to see each Dennie play for 2 periods.  Robby coached Graham's team and they won today.  Graham almost scored a goal but the ref said that he touched the ball with his hands (I was standing right there but didn't see him touch it...but I could be a bit biased.)  Anderson played a tough team and his team did lose but bless him, Grannymom said that he got hit in the head, stomach and pushed down during the first period.  That is probably why he was pretty stand offish when I watched him the first time but by the time I saw him play again, he was running hard and dominating the field (well, kind of!)  And finally my Reagan-she scored 4 of her team's 5 goals.  And she told me that the other team only scored when she was off of the field...except for the time that the ball went right through her legs into their goal! 
  • They all had lots of fun and it was a beautiful day at Raymar.  I even snapped a few pictures of our soccer players before we headed home.  We grilled hot dogs and all ate on the patio before we spent the rest of the day outside.  Robby and I worked in the yard but the kids played-Campbell is so happy now that the neighbor girl is getting to play over here and she is super friendly.  Of course this does leave Keaton feeling a little bit left out.  Cash came over and played outside too while Reagan went shopping with Lilli.  
  • Around 6, we called everyone in and started the shower process and whipped up supper since the Wilsons were coming over to eat.  Spaghetti, bread and ooey gooey for dessert.  The kids all played while we sat around and tried to talk over the noise from Whitman's kindle.
  • I know that my kiddos will sleep well tonight (though the little girls are currently both in the same bed) but I really hope that they are not as red in the morning as they are right now.  I sure thought about sunscreen today an even had it with me but I sure didn't use any-and I sure should have!

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