April 6, 2016

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  • This morning at 4, I heard Whitman's door open and saw his light on from under our door.  I quickly got up and could hear him running down the hall.  By the time I was in the hall he was running through the living room.  I eventually caught up to him back in our closet as I shouted "Whitman stop" (can you believe that he actually did?)  I don't know if he was a bit panicked that he didn't see us though I am pretty sure he knows to look for us in our bedroom or go upstairs to find everyone else.  When I did catch up to him, he looked at me and said "I wake up with you."  
  • I sat with him in the floor of his room for a good while.  Whenever I would say that it was bedtime, he would say, "not yet" and often he would add, "you happy?" to which, of course, my answer was yes!  I finally got him back in bed with the help of some milk and we all went back to sleep.
  • Now, I can't really blame Whitman's late night run around the house as the reason that I was up later today but I will say that I was up earlier today than I have been all week long.  Probably the main reason we had to scramble this morning to get out of the house on time was because we had folded and put away a load of laundry, cleaned the pottys, emptied the dishwasher, straightened the boys room, changed Keaton's sheets, gotten ready and all eaten breakfast.  
  • Even though we left a bit late, we were still there in plenty of time-I have built in extra time on our Wednesday schedule for all of the times that we have forgotten someone shoes and had to turn back.  The kids were very excited today because we were not going to Rock Creek after Bible study and were planning on heading to a park. 
  • But that excitement didn't last long because after thinking about the wind and then seeing the sprinkles, we had to break it to them that we were indeed going back to Rock Creek.  As soon as we were there though the kids didn't mind at all and had a wonderful time playing.  My Campbell did spot little Micheal put a toy in his mouth and beelined toward him, beating Candice, and had her fingers all up in his mouth getting the toy away from him-my little hero!
  • After playtime, we headed to see Beebee.  She was in a fine mood and everyone was happy with her bucket full of candy-it was so full today that we even left some for our next visit.  Beebee was pleased that we filled up her bird feeder but her little birds have not been around too much lately (I personally think that it is because the neighboring window has a windmill think scaring the birds away.)
  • This afternoon went by pretty quick but I did have time to eat my bagel that I had saved from last night-except it wasn't that great!  We had our supper and then met Robby at the library so I could run in and pick up a few books.  Then it was church time for the evening.
  • Once at home, the kids all had a snack (they had to earn their tonight's snack at supper time-by eating their supper!)  Thankfully, they all did finish their supper and were able to have a quick snack before bedtime-and so will I!

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