April 24, 2016

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  • Last night as we were going to bed, we emptied the dishwasher and then I climbed into bed.  The next thing I knew, Robby was dumping the clean laundry on the bed and turning on the light.  He reminded me that us doing the laundry at midnight on a Saturday night was necessary for a smooth-er Monday and a Sunday afternoon nap.  Hearing those words happily woke me up enough to fold and put away all those clothes (actually the kids clothes were just folded and lined against my wall-they can put theirs up tomorrow with the load or two that we are washing tonight).
  • As I was dressing Whitman this morning, Robby reminded him of walking into his Sunday school class like a big boy and I guess it was that thought that reminded him that today was doughnut day.  He immediately started asking for his breakfast doughnuts.  Robby had bought cinnamon rolls yesterday at Sams but Whitman wanted himself some doughnuts so that is what he had!
  • Church this morning-we voted on the new preacher man (the boys didn't understand why there was only one choice to vote for) and Robby and I were greeters before Sunday school.  Graham's class celebrated Passover.  Keaton did tell us at lunch that a kid in her Sunday school class hit her on Easter-this caused a big stir at the table.  Anderson and Graham both concluded that they were going to watch out for their little sister and not let this happen again.
  • This afternoon I did get that afternoon nap.  Robby and I laid down and he said that we had to get up when the first person came into our room.  Now our nap was only 45 minutes but I knew waking up when one person came in wouldn't work at all.  I told him that the 8th time someone came in, we would wake up.  In seconds after this conversation Reagan was in asking about snack.  Then Keaton asking about snack followed by Graham, yes, he was also asking about snack.  Thankfully Robby was asleep the 8th through 10th times that people came in our room but the nap was still pretty wonderful-though I am not too sure how much napping was actually accomplished.
  • We then headed back to church early for a meeting and then on to big church for the choir's night of worship.  They also announced that Dave did win the vote which is exciting for our church.  Keaton and Whitman had been in their class for quite a while so at 7 I went to pick them up.  I brought them into church to hear a bit of the music-we walked in during a particularly loud portion.  I was holding Whitman singing away when Whitman grabbed my face and turned me toward him and then shouted "sing quieter!"  That was pretty much our cue that it would be fine to walk around the halls for just a few minutes instead of staying in the church house.
  • After church we went with the McGuires out to eat.  The kids really enjoyed this but Graham was disappointed that they were not going to be able to read tonight because it was too late.  Robby tried to explain that they could read anytime during the day that they wanted to.  The kids just looked at him like he was crazy.  Graham said "well, that is no fun...you don't get to use a flashlight."  Robby reminded him that he could read in a closet anytime that he would like!

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