April 8, 2016

Purple Cow with Grannymom and Grandpa!
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  • When I came in last night, Robby said that the kids really wanted for me to go upstairs and hug them.  Most nights that I get in after they have gone to bed, I do not even go upstairs because they are sound asleep and do not wake up at all when I tell them good night.  But last night I did go upstairs and tell everyone good night and I even hugged a few that I thought were slightly awake.  
  • But this morning, when Anderson come downstairs he looked at me and said "you didn't hug us last night."  I told him that indeed I did but he turned a walked away mumbling under his breath that no, I did not.  And that just about sums up my day!
  • Yesterday, since I was out and about most of the day, the kids did great on their school and even completed a page full of chores without any problems for Robby.  Um, not so much for me.  It wasn't a very pretty day around here at all.  So I don't portray that all of the Dennie kids were difficult-Reagan did her work and helped greatly with the chores and Keaton and Whitman were fairly quiet today.
  • We did finally muddle through the kids school-it was after lunch that they finally finished school.  And once I mentioned that we were going to see Pops after our chores were finished, the kids did start working.  
  • The whole ride to the hospital, I gave instruction after instruction of proper behavior.  My kids are very, very comfortable with Beebee's nursing home and really, a hospital feels like a nursing home and I didn't want for them to feel that level of comfort there as well.  All of my instructions worked-the kids were silent walking down the hall and then they were perfect while visiting with Pops and Nonna.
  • Pops was feeling very well and the kids were happy to see him and inspect all of the hospital room.  We took them some banana bread-which we ended up eating most of. It took a long, long time for Whitman to wake up since he had fallen asleep in the car but once he did, he was all into the banana bread.  
  • When we left Pops and Nonna, we headed to Grannymom's house to drop off Reagan and to try out her new living room furniture. We stayed for a few minutes and then gave Reagan a hug and drove home.
  • At home, the neighbor kids (the ones I like) were out playing and the girl and Campbell hit it off. They played outside and we all stayed outside for a long while.  Then it was time for showers and pizza-I was starving.  Then it was movie time.  Tonights movie was the hockey movie Miracle.  It was a long one and Keaton and I fell sound asleep-but I did wake up for the ending!
  • Bedtime was next because tomorrow is the first soccer games for the Dennie kids!  Cross your fingers that the day goes smoothly and that I am able to see some of all 3 of the games that I will be trying to watch at one time!

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