April 26, 2016

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  • Graham had been told yesterday that as soon as he walked down the stairs, he was to start on his school work at his desk so after I realized that he was downstairs already working on school, I was up starting everyone's day.  Robby went upstairs to wake Keaton up.  She was of course ready to go to school and had already picked out a cute dress to wear.  I am sure that Ms. Jennifer thought that we were confused about what day was picture day-that is how cute she looked this morning as she bounded out of the house with her pop tart in hand.
  • I caved and let everyone have a pop tart this morning not really realizing that that means that tomorrow will have to be our toast and yogurt day which means I will need to wake up fairly early and since we are out of yogurt in the house and probably don't have any outside then there will be some unhappy little Dennies running around-but that is for tomorrow's blog and not todays.
  • After our breakfast, we started our school.  Campbell worked with Whitman some today on his letters but he wasn't too interested-Robby had left his closet door unlocked so it didn't take Whitman too long to find his kindle this morning and wasn't too pleased with me whenever I would hide it! I believe that I have high expectations each summer but this summer, I really would love for Whitman to learn his letters and sounds (he already knows many of them), Keaton to start her reading book and Graham to improve his handwriting.  And while we are at it, I think it would be neat to do a little study on proper nutrition...or we could all just play outside, ride bikes, watch tv and go swimming-like people really should in the summer time.
  • School was fairly noneventful this morning.  Reagan was finished really early which makes me think that I might should give her more school work.  She immediately started cleaning things up without being asked and then spent the rest of the time reading in her bed (wonder if she has done something wrong that I just don't know about yet and she is trying to be really good until I find out?)
  • We had our lunch and then all of us started on our chores.  The boys had to bring snack for their class tomorrow so they "helped" me make cookies.  Anderson poured in the mix and stirred and Graham cracked the egg and then stirred and then they both left.  We had not even finished properly stirring the mix much less put them on the cookie sheet or cleaned up.  I was a bit shocked and even thought about calling them back to finish helping but my trusty afternoon sidekick, Campbell, was with me and she faithfully helped me work until the end.
  • I walked on the treadmill today-first for 2 minutes and then someone came and asked me a question and I had to stop.  Then for 8 minutes when Whitman fell on top of the treadmill so I had to jerk out the safety switch so we wouldn't tumble on each other.  (He wasn't hurt or phased at all-though I did try to convince him that he was hurt badly and that falling on the treadmill was very scary.)  About 10 minutes later, he was laying in the floor beside the treadmill and flipped the power switch to it-I came to a sudden, jerky stop pulling a muscle in my neck!  After that I just tried my best to guess when I had been on there for 30 minutes and was reminded why I really should run in the morning time.
  • I had spaghetti made for supper and pretty much as soon as Robby and Keaton made it home, we plated the food and I left for bunko.  After supper, everyone went back outside and were outside until after 8.  They quickly had their showers and then went straight to bed.

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