April 13, 2016

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  • Bible study morning and it immediately begin with disappointment for the kids-we had planned on the little girls going to Sara's house this afternoon but they were all sick.  So as I was trying to get everyone out the door this morning, Keaton was sitting under a chair crying.  She really would have been devastated to learn that they were going to play in a creek too this afternoon.  It made things a bit better when they learned that we were still going to bring home all the healthy folks this afternoon.  
  • We did Bible study and Whitman's teacher told me that he did really good today-did his craft, listened during story time and was so helpful.  That is all well and good but it makes me wonder if most weeks he doesn't do well.  I know that I have told parents the same thing before when their kids did well in my classes at church...but that is mainly because those kids usually didn't do well.  I guess I will settle for him being good half of the time!
  • We had planned on going to a park after Bible study but our phones said that the temperature was still cool and then when we went outside, it was raining again.  The kids are so used to us going to Rock Creek every Wednesday but why must it rain every single Wednesday?  We just want to go to a park and eat our lunch and play outside.
  • Today though at Rock Creek, the tubes were closed.  What were we going to do-lots of kiddos and it raining.  We still walked on in and sat down to eat our lunch in their church house.  I guess the building was closed because they were getting ready for a concert so we felt like we had to be very, very quiet-so we were.  We hid behind the rock baptistry area as we ate our lunch.  Whitman looked over at the rock structure and said "that's the tomb where Jesus died"-pretty smart little boy.
  • After we ate, we loaded up-and I loaded up a few extra kiddos with me (Noah, Kennedy, Alyssa Kate and Caroline).  That is a total of 10 kiddos and I figured that I needed to kill as much time of the afternoon as I could since we didn't stay long at Rock Creek.  So we went to see Beebee-she was tickled to see the whole crew and I was thankful that her candy bucket was filled to the brim.  I had told Whitman that we were bringing his puzzle so he could show Beebee.  As soon as we found Beebee in the dining area, he started pushing back bowls and plates so he would have room for his puzzle.
  • Once we came home, the kids played outside for a bit and then all came in. The boys were a bit rowdy so I caved and let everyone turn on their screens.  The girls watched a movie and then the boys watched 2 tv shows plus there was some xbox playing.  Caroline and Campbell did play baby dolls for a long while and soon Robby was home with pizza.  The kids pretty much devoured the pizza and soon we were headed to church.
  • Tonight was a night that Reagan and all the other 4th graders went to the preteen for a little bit.  She said that she was going to miss choir and that all they did in the preteens was "sing a song, sing another song, the man preached a tiny bit, then they sang 2 more songs and he preached for a long time." 
  • Once at home, the kids had a snack and then it was bedtime for them-I am sure that they are all really tired tonight (I know that I am!)

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