April 27, 2016

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  • Only 2 more Wednesday mornings with CBS this school year and after staying up until 2 last night, Robby and I knew that we would have to get moving early this morning.  When we went to sleep Robby said that the storms would wake us up but they never did.  I am glad that we still set our alarms since the rain was a no-show today.  (I hope that the rain is also a no-show on Saturday because Reagan is counting on playing her friends and she has high hopes of beating their team.)
  • We were able to get everything accomplished this morning that we needed to and then all loaded up for Bible study.  Graham was pretty excited because today was his snack day and everyone else was excited about singing during their end of the year program.  I was more on the nervous side about this because Whitman did pretty well at Christmas but surely that wouldn't happen again.
  • When the program began, the big 3 were first and I was not the only one who was a bit nervous.  My little, confident Reagan stood there with her hands constantly moving-twisting her hair, fixing her sweater-I would never imagine that she would be nervous on stage but she sure looked it.  At least Graham and Anderson's hands were still-mainly because they were shoved into their shorts pockets.  They did great and sang 3 different songs.
  • Then we had Campbell and her class.  My little Campbell wasn't doing anything with her hands at all-especially none of the hand motions.  That little cutie would just grin and sing away.  Then we had Keaton and Whitman's classes.  Now Keaton was a little angel, singing, smiling and absolutely perfect.  And then Whitman-he stood in his spot the entire time (and it was pretty long for a little guy.)  He did the hand motions and even looked like he was singing.  We couldn't have been prouder of all of our Dennies-so proud, in fact, that they received Sonic drinks on the way home from Beebees this afternoon.
  • After the program, we headed to a playground to play.  The playground is one of my favorites and the kids loved it too.  They could have stayed longer but we all left and then saw Beebee.  She was wondering where we were and had already called me twice by the time that we made it.  She had jewelry that she needed for us to untangle so I went right to work on that.
  • This afternoon the kids drank their Sonic drinks, rode their bikes, played basketball, played their kindles, watched tv, played the xbox and even read.  I am not sure how we were able to cram all of this in during the almost 3 hours that we were home before turning around leaving for church again.
  • We ran by the library and then on to church tonight.  There are only 3 more Wednesday nights before our summer break begins and I am certainly counting down for that.  Graham is not because he is trying to master the books of the Bible and Reagan is trying to learn all of her previous verses before then. 
  • Once at home, we changed into our pjs and then the kids had a snack before going to bed.  I think that my little singers were pretty tired from this busy day.  

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