April 16, 2016

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  • We have one more Saturday with a late soccer game so we enjoyed this lazy morning tremendously.  Though, when you have to leave the house 45 minutes after you wake up, calling it a "lazy morning" is probably not too accurate.  
  • The kids do not take long to get ready on a soccer game day and while the scarfed down monkey bread while I was helping load the car and Robby was filling the ice chests.  As we drove down the road, we were surprised with the rainy mist.  I had already made a mental note to put sunscreen on everyone before the games but there was no need today-it was a misty, cloudy morning.
  • Keaton and Campbell's game was first.  They played a tough team but again they did just great.  Campbell played hard and ran and ran up and down that field.  Keaton didn't show any fear and kicked the ball quite a few times.  Couldn't be prouder.
  • Everyone else played during the next game and the Wilsons were there to cheer the kids on.  Graham's team just lost by one point but he also played hard.  Anderson's team won this game and he also played great today.  And then Reagan's team probably lost but Reagan is such a strategic soccer player and is a defense star.  
  • Win or lose, the kids had fun and so did we.  When we came home, we grilled hot dogs and then the kids went out to play with the neighbors for a while.  Andersos and Graham didn't have too long to play because soon we were headed to Wyatt's birthday party. 
  • The party was a nerf gun party and the boys played a few nerf gun wars and then ran an obstacle course before eating cupcakes.  The boys had a blast running around shooting each other-including taking time to make sure all of the moms were hit with the nerf guns.  
  • Whitman had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house and a bit after we returned home from the party, they brought him back home.  I am sure that he was already tired after spending most of the morning running away from me or trying to run out on the soccer field.  We were home for a bit longer before heading to the Wilson's for supper.  The kids played outside and even inside (they all seemed pretty tired tonight-maybe because they were exhausted)  
  • After supper, Campbell and Shannon made cookies which we all soon devoured.  We stayed out until 10:30 and then hurried home to put my babies into bed!  I am sure that they were just as tired as I am!

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