April 18, 2016

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  • Monday morning and we again stayed in bed as long as possible. That isn't the best way to start a Monday or any day for that matter but it sure was nice.  Whitman had fallen asleep in bed with Robby yesterday during Sunday afternoon naps and I snuggled with him hoping that he would fall asleep with me but I had no such luck.  I finally trudged up the stairs to wake up my big girl and my little girl and then we all had our breakfast.  
  • We had vacuumed on Friday so I had already marked that off of today's chore list (I am pretty lenient with marking my chores off of the list).  But I let the kids take their breakfast cereal to work at the school spots so I made it very clear that we could not spill any cereal or we would revacuum the entire house.  They understood and all did pretty good but I guess I was not too clear with Whitman-he dumped some cereal everywhere in the school room.  But everyone was very helpful and scurried to pick everything up so we did not have to vacuum.  None of my people seem to like vacuuming which is odd because it is probably one of my favorite chores (now, I do not do it often at all though-that is why I had children!)
  • School went fairly smooth.  Campbell has finished her spelling, Graham and Reagan have finished their English book and he only has one more word left to spell correctly for me (I'll) before I will let him officially finish his spelling book so my time working with each kiddo has drastically reduced so that makes the day go much smoother but even with all of my extra time, I was still not able to fold all of the laundry before lunch.
  • After lunch, we did our chores and worked hard on the kids projects for Thursday.  Keaton and Anderson finished with theirs and Campbell is not too far behind.  The main part of Graham's will be finished tomorrow and hopefully Reagan's will take shape tomorrow (baking the layers of the earth-eek!)  
  • As soon as Campbell was able she high tailed it outside.  I certainly am glad that she wants to go outside all of the time and she was perfectly content out there even though her friend didn't come out to play.  Keaton and she played for a bit until Robby came home with pizza for supper.
  • The girls gobbled theirs down and then they headed off to soccer practice.  While they were gone, the boys played on their kindles and I worked on re-stringing Graham's blinds (oh, what an exciting life I lead!)  It wasn't hard to do but I had to work while it was still hanging up so my arms became tired-it was a good thing I had the boys here to come up and hold the blinds up so I could work.
  • Before I knew it, we were rushing out the door to take the boys to soccer practice.  I dropped them off so they could run something to Robby and then Whitman and I parked the car and got out.  We stayed for a few minutes and then headed home with the girls.  I threw them in the showers and just as soon as they were out, the boys were home to get in the showers.  
  • We have let the kids start reading in their beds at night.  This is probably a poor move since Whitman really needs to be up there sleeping and not still in his pack n play but the kids are thrilled about getting to read at night.  We will see how long this lasts-so far tonight it is still quiet up there so I guess all is going well.

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