April 3, 2016

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  • Graham's first words to me this morning were, "If I put on my clothes and brush my teeth, can I play my kindle?" Of course that was a great idea to me and later when I did get up, I was surprised to see that Anderson had not yet come through to get his clothes-he was still sleeping.  Whitman, however, was not sleeping.  I could hear him playing in the school room for a long time before I stumbled to get him.
  • I dressed him and sent him off to find his brother so Graham could help him find his kindle.  That was 2 dressed and ready so things were going well for our Sunday morning.  Robby woke up the girls and soon they were almost all ready.  Anderson walked in and quickly dressed and left for his kindle but the girls needed buttons, bows, pantyhose and lots of hair to be combed. 
  • Robby passed out breakfast while I finished getting ready and then we were off to church.  Our class had Sunday school outside by the big rock-the kids enjoyed that but there were quite a few bugs flying around us.  After church, we headed to Nonna's house for lunch-pizza and then cake for Whitman.  Of course, he was more than happy to blow out candles and hear us sing to him one more time.
  • This afternoon passed way too fast, especially for me since I had to be back at church at 4:45 for a meeting.  Everyone else met me at church and afterwards the kids played in the game room for a few minutes before coming home.
  • Tonight was ice cream night and that makes everyone happy!  I had the last bit of my frozen Chinese food and soon, it will be our ice cream time-makes Sunday night just a little bit better!

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