June 10, 2016

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  • After our late night last night, we had told the kids that they needed to stay in bed until 8 this morning.  Some listened, some didn't but everyone was quiet so that was really all that mattered.  Campbell did climb in bed with us this morning and stayed for quite a while and the boys were playing their kindles.  Whitman now wakes up, climbs out of his bed and then knocks on his door until we come and let him out.  Then finally Keaton and Reagan were the last ones to wake up.
  • We had our breakfast and the morning stared off a bit rocky for the boys.  They had to start on their school work before breakfast and then were even sent back to bed before we had even been awake for an hour!
  • Once things were calm, we were able to work on our science (yep, still trying to finish it) and then we had about 10 minutes to work around the house before we hopped in the car to meet the Heltz' as the pool.  
  • The kids enjoyed swimming and Keaton is getting much better at her swimming-which means that I have to be in the pool constantly.  Whitman has been listening to me tell Keaton "put your head under" and now he will swim some with his head under the water.  
  • We stayed at the pool for 3 hours which made the kids happy and me tired!  Once we came home, everyone helped me unload the car and then they quickly saw the neighbors outside and were off on their bikes.  Reagan did come in so she could pack her bags and wrap her present-she spent the night at the neighbor's house to celebrate Hannah's birthday.
  • They all played outside until it was time for my crew to come in and clean up before we headed out for the evening.  Our first stop was to drop Whitman off at Grannymom's house and then the rest of us went to eat pizza.  
  • The main event of our evening was the Little Rock Rangers soccer game.  The kids were given tickets at soccer camp and since we had never seen a soccer game, we decided to go.  It was at War Memorial-we parked nearby and quickly found a spot to watch the game.  The crowd was excited and knew what was going on (we really did not) but there was plenty of room to move around and since we were in the shade, it was really nice.
  • We sat fairly close and the players were close enough that the goalie motioned to Anderson when Anderson cheered him on.  It was a fun evening and we might just go back to another soccer game sometime.
  • The game ended in a tie but the kids were thrilled when Robby bought the kids icees from a gas station as we walked back to our car.  Then it was on to pick up Whitman who wasn't too ready to go home with us.  Once at home, the kids had quick, quick showers and then it was time for bed for all of the Dennie crew.

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