June 8, 2016

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  • My soccer crew moved a bit slower this morning but they were still excited about going. Once everyone was awake, they all get ready and then put their clothes on.  We did have a few chores but once they were finished, it was time to head to camp.
  • Today Robby dropped everyone off while Whitman and I ran a few errands.  We went to 2 Goodwill stores (bought black shoes for me and a sweatshirt), Michaels (to spend my birthday money-just ended up buying Christmas presents), Home Depot (buying wood for a craft project), the library (to return books) and then to see Beebee (who was happy to see us but did say that Whitman's hair looked terrible-we left soon after :)
  • That was a lot of shopping for me and ti was especially a lot of shopping for Whitman.  At one point, when we pulled into a parking lot, he told me, "just go in by yourself."  Another time, he started chanting "go to the house, go to the house."  I don't think that he will be joining me for another shopping trip soon.
  • We did arrive a bit early to pick up the kids today.  They all hurried to the car and were so excited about their day.  Really there is nothing I like better than hearing all of them trying to tell me story after story about the day...all at the same time.  They all had a blast and can not wait to go back tomorrow.
  • On the way home, we picked up Sonic lemonades since they were on sale today (disappointed with those) and then Keaton headed to Nonna's house.  We all watched all of the excitement at their house-people cutting logs, city workers picking up stuff.  Keaton was thrilled to see us leave and I think that she even had supper at David's Burgers tonight.
  • Once we came home, I unloaded the car and then...well, that is pretty much all we did this afternoon.  The kids vegged out for a while because they were certainly exhausted.  I did a bit of work to get school ready for the fall.  Then Campbell helped me make supper for everyone-she is quite the spaghetti maker.
  • When Robby arrived home, we ate supper and then we all headed outside.  The boys played basketball and broom ball while Reagan drew a chalk masterpiece on the driveway.  Campbell rode her bike in front of the neighbors house until they came outside.  Then all of the kids played together while Robby mowed and I worked on my craft project.
  • Then it was shower time along with dessert and bedtime for all of my soccer players and my littlest shopping.

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