June 14, 2016

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  • The morning started off busy-we did a few chores, had breakfast, some kiddos did a touch of school, Reagan packed, we loaded up and soon we were on our way to pick up Alyssa Kate and then to drop off the girls at Kennedy's birthday party.
  • Alyssa Kate walked out of her door and I immediately noticed what we had forgotten and at the same time, I heard Anderson calling me from the van shouting that we had forgotten the present.  Thankfully, Robby was still at home so he was able to bring the present to us and then we were on our way to the party.
  • On the way, Alyssa Kate said that they were not doing any school at their house right now so imagine all of the complaints, moans and groans that I heard about that.  I had to gently remind my people that they are not doing that much school (like maybe 2 times last week) and only had to do 2 things this morning.  They will thank me for this someday-possibly.  Or maybe they will never thank me for this.
  • After dropping those girls off, we headed home and the kids started watching a movie.  It wan't too long until Anderson bounced in saying that his tooth fell out.  This is a common occurrence around here so he didn't seem to concerned nor am I.  It will eventually be fixed permanently.  His dentist had already text to see if it held yesterday and I wrote him back to see that it was out again.  He will join Keaton at her appointment tomorrow.
  • The afternoon was pretty uneventful around here.  Keaton and Campbell were within 3 feet of me the entire day but the boys, who seemed to fight every second yesterday, were buddies today and played handball upstairs until they were both completely soaking wet with sweat.
  • I worked a while making chicken spaghetti-it is our go to meal but we were without our normal precooked chicken and without our cream of chicken soup so I had to earn my keep as the Dennie chef tonight.  And I did-it was pretty good and tasted the same as usual.
  • After supper, we headed outside-I worked on cutting out things for vbs and the kids helped return the neighbor's dogs.  Everyone was hot and I was eaten up by mosquitoes by the time that we came inside.  We had showers and then bedtime for all!

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