June 22, 2016

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  • Day 3 of VBS and still no toast.  I know, if I were to get up just 5 minutes earlier I would be able to stick some toast in the toaster but it just may not happen this week.  After loading up and leaving this morning, we drove on to church.  I have been arriving around 8:30ish each morning and when I get there each day, the front of the parking lot is crazy full-like cars parked in every single spot and even parked crazy.  Then I drive to the back of the church house and the place is deserted.  
  • When everything was over today, I picked up the littles and we sat in the sanctuary and watch the ending of today's VBS with the big kids.  The kids were pretty excited but when Paige told them the offering totals the place erupted...the boys are way, way ahead of the girls in their giving to the Honduras and Belize mission trips.
  • Reagan went home with Ava this afternoon and they went swimming and then for snow cones.  She had lots of fun and was pretty tired when she made it home this evening.  The rest of us headed home and as I was mentally trying to decide what we would eat for lunch, the boys asked if we could go to Burger King.  Um, sure. Nuggets for everyone except Graham who is a hamburger and nugget man.  They must have been starving because they begged to eat on the way home and they gobbled their food up before we even arrived home.
  • This afternoon was pretty quiet.  Around 2, I decided that Whitman (and I) needed a nap so I got his milk and was putting a pull up on him for naptime.  He plainly told me that he needed his robot pajama pants and pajama shirt and obliged.  But that is just how tired we all are-tired enough that you need to put on your pjs before taking a nap!
  • Around 5, the kids saw the neighbors outside so out they dart.  They played with them until I called them in for supper-pork tenderloin, beans and rice.  And as soon as the last bite was inhaled, the kids were back outside.  Robby and I also went out and worked in the garage the entire time the kids were out playing.  
  • When they came home, neighbor man walked down to tell us that he had given the boys 5 dollars for helping out.  We had seen them helping but I am sure that they didn't do 5 dollars worth of helping.  I am sure that some of their money will go to further increase that boys offering total.  
  • We were outside until almost 9 so when we came in, speed showers were given, teeth were brushed, laundry put away and clothes laid out for tomorrow.  Once everyone was put to bed, I started on making 2 batches of cookies for this weekend and then it will soon be our bedtime!

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