June 26, 2016

Excited about the next day -- off to Family Farm!
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  • Keaton didn't sleep too well last night since her tummy was a bit uneasy.  Not really sure why but I would have to assume that she swallowed way too much lake water yesterday.  When we woke up, we thought that she might be good to go for church and then we scaled back and decided that maybe she could go but just stay with us but after she ate a cracker with her laying on the bar, we sent her back to our room to lay down.
  • Robby, Keaton and Whitman stayed home today-Robby was the one to skip church since I had to teach Sunday school, Keaton was the one not feeling well and Whitman staying home made it a bit easier for me.  We were there in time and were able to see the grands before sitting down for church.  
  • When it was time for pick up, I sent Anderson to the other side of the building to pick up Campbell and then he hurried back to do the last activity in our Sunday school class.  Reagan's teacher sent her over when their class was done so I sent her to get Graham.  After all of my class had been picked up, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • While we were at church, Robby cleaned our bathroom and shower and folded mounds of laundry while Whitman watched a few movies and they also watched a bit of the church service.  Keaton slept the entire time that we were gone-she was making up for her lack of sleep the past few days.
  • Grannymom had lunch and the kids ate it and gobbled up Robby's favorite dessert before migrating outside to play.  Robby and I ran to Home Depot to return one thing and to buy hooks for my new kitchen letters.  Then we picked up our people and headed home.
  • Once at home, I unpacked the car while Robby helped the kids divide up and put up their laundry.  When that was accomplished, we took lunch orders for the Family Farm going kids and made their lunch and stuck it in the fridge.  We prepared the kids snack for this afternoon and put Whitman down for a nap.  That boy used to fight us like mad during naps but now he is just as happy as he can be to rest.  Robby and I were just able to nap for long enough for us to wake up ready for church tonight.
  • Tonight was hymn singing night and I also let Keaton stay in church with us.  Since we arrived a bit later, I ended up way too far away from the boys and was not able to whack them on the heads like I wanted to.  Anderson got up to use the restroom and then Reagan did too-my gracious!  I asked when we walked into the door if any needed to but only Campbell and Keaton did-I explained that they may not ask me to get up in church again for a year.  Keaton, by far, won the Dennie kids behavior competition during church tonight.
  • We were home feeding the kids supper when the Wilson's text.  So after the kids ate, we loaded up our frozen pizza and Sunday ice cream and headed over there.  We ate our pizza and passed out ice cream to the kids.  We sat around and talked until too late and then loaded up my tired kids to put them into bed.
  • Around 11, when Robby and I were sitting watching foot network and playing on our computer, Robby jumped up and shouted "the ice cream" and ran out the door.  Now, I also become very excited when I think about ice cream but this was a bit extreme even for him.  Then, I thought he was talking about the ice cream that we took to the Wilsons.  Now, I also would have been disappointed if our ice cream would have been left at their house but this was a bit of an extreme reaction for this.  Finally, I realized that our ice cream bin filled with an assortment of ice cream treats and our blessed oreo ice cream was still in the back of my van.  It was a sad sight but hopefully some will still be salvageable-we weren't expecting to have to have an ice cream funeral tonight but that we did.  It was a sad, sad night but maybe some diet coke will make things better.   

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